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Why do gurus seek mountaintop retreats? To get the big picture, of course, says James Rogers in the March issue of the Mensa Bulletin. A RPV (transcendental point of view) is a place “from where one can discern the relationships of part-to-part and part-to-whole,” Rogers goes on to explain.  In fact, he adds, we humans are the only primates who stand entirely upright in order to broaden our horizons and get our eyes to TPV level.  From the judge who sits high on her bench to someone who pays to live in a penthouse, people strive for a big-picture aspect on life.

My business blogging trainers’ point of view (BBPV?) doesn’t wax nearly as philosophical as Rogers’, who ends his essay by saying that “Going to higher and higher TPVs draws us nearer and nearer to God.”

I always remember a comment local financial radio talk show host Denny Smith once made to the effect that people are looking to their advisors for more than just information – they need perspective.  That is absolutely true, I believe, when it comes to blog content writing.

Fact is, the typical website explains what products and services the company offers, who the “players” are and in what geographical area they operate.  The better websites give at least a taste of the corporate culture and some of the owners’ core beliefs.  It’s left to the continuously renewed business blog writing, though, to “flesh out” the intangibles, those things that make a company stand out from its peers.  In other words, it’s the SEO marketing blog that often is where readers get that TPV.  For every fact about the company or about one of its products or services, a blog post addresses unspoken questions such as “So, is that different?” or “So, is that good for ME?”

Whether a business owner is composing his/her own blog posts or collaborating with a professional ghost blogger, it’s simply not enough to provide even very valuable information to online searchers who’ve landed on a company’s site.

Question is: Can you take your blog readers to TPV level?

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