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You cannot be a top producer, says corporate trainer Roger Dawson, without getting enthusiastic about your product or service. What Dawson doesn’t mean by enthusiasm, he’s quick to point out, is frantic jump-up-and-down behavior.  No, real enthusiasm, he explains, means believing in your industry, your company, your product, and your ability to serve your customers.

Since business owners’ enthusiasm is exactly what blogs are designed to convey – as well as to engage online searchers, I thought Dawson’s tips on growing your own enthusiasm would prove useful in successful blogging for business.

Get feedback from your customers.

The more you hear from your customers that they were delighted with their purchase, advises Dawson, the better you will feel about what you do.

Use testimonials in blog posts, capture customer success stories, and welcome comments to your blog.

Improve the quality of customers’ feedback by promising less and delivering more.

Blogs, as contrasted with brochures and traditional websites, are there to show first and foremost how much you care, and only then how much you know. Blogs are designed to be advertorials rather than advertisements, information sharing rather than billboards, sharing more than selling.

Learn about your competition and their shortcomings, says Dawson, not for the purpose of "knocking" them, but so increase your own enthusiasm for your unique products or your unique approach.  

Two of the four P’s of business blogging are Passion and Personality.  Blog posts are ideal for communicating the unique personality and core beliefs of the business owner.

No doubt about it – enthusiasm sells. And, when it comes to blogging for business, enthusiasm spreads – to searchers, search engines, and right back home to YOU!




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