In Blogging For Business, Just Keeping On May Not Do the Trick

“Writers swear by this piece of advice,” says, referring to writing every day without fail.  Maybe, honkiat suggests, they shouldn’t. “Writing every day doesn’t improve skills as much as we’d like to think,” he cautions. (Reminds me of Bubba, the worker Action Coach describes who claims the wisdom of 20 years’ experience, but who has really had the same one year of experience 20 times over!)

Of course, with SEO-conscious marketing blogs, frequency plays an important part in winning search, so establishing a habit is definitely a positive move. “But, here’s the thing,” observes hongkiat. ”Unless you’re a writer by profession, having to write every day is unrealistic. You have a business to run.”  

In fact, it was in response to that very reality that I created Say It For You six-plus years ago, providing concierge blog content writing for business owners and professional practitioners who “have businesses to run".

As John Jantsch  of ducttapemarketing observes, “Outsourcing content creation is an essential tactic, especially for small businesses.”

There’s no longer any dispute about the importance of content creation for attracting new customers and for retaining regulars. Content gets the business noticed online and helps it stand out from the competition. 

The kind of  content to which he's alluding includes:

  • the benefits of your products and services
  • the history of your business and your own journey
  • successful case studies and testimonials
  • company news of importance to your customers
  • your perspective on trends in your industry

“Outsourcing is not the same as abdication, Jantsch cautions business owners. “You need to maintain tight control on themes, voice, message, and specific topics.”  Owners can and should participate in the planning; it’s the execution that takes time away from running the business or practice, and that’s precisely where we professional content writers step in to shoulder the load.


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