In Business Blogging, No Need To Wait Until The Very End

When Mensa members were asked to recall the best piece of advice they’d ever received, Pam Olsen came up with one we business bloggers don’t really need to follow:

"When assembling a large project, wait until the very end to tighten the screws!"

Bloggers don’t need to wait until the very end. As Chris Baggott, CEO of Compendium Blogware explains, that’s because "search engines put high value on pages that are frequently updated."  Baggott compares blogs to traditional websites, whose content tends to be only infrequently updated.

The end of one blog post is hardly the end of the blog, and it will hardly be laborious to "loosen the screws" in order to add to your message, update it, or correct it. As web designer John Raleigh explains, "Blogs make it pretty easy to get the job right."

The beauty of blog marketing is not only that it tends to beat websites in "winning search", it’s that you can do well today what you may not have done so well yesterday or the day before.  And, since blog posts appear in reverse chronological order, your best blogs will be the ones searchers see first!

Put your best blog foot forward today and every day, of course.  But bloggers for business can say along with Scarlett O’Hara of Gone With The Wind, "Tomorrow’s another day!"


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