Indiana Blog Content Writers Help Handle the Handfuls

Some of the puzzles I love to solve are “quotefalls”. After you finish filling letters into the boxes, you uncover a wise saying. I knew the writer of this one must have been referring to corporate blog writing along with babies:

“A baby is a small creature who soon ceases to be an armful
and grows into quite a handful.”

When it comes to corporate blogging for business, says Rick Short, Indium Corporation’s Director of Marketing, perseverance is the big thing: “If you won’t be able to stick with it once the blogging becomes routine, after you’ve battled with writer’s block, after numerous distractions beckon, then find a new hobby!”

Like childcare, it seems, “content is never done.  It is a process that needs continuous attention,” as Erin Short, Coordinator for Tall Ships America points out. Sad statistics prove Short’s point: 90% of all bloggers for business neglect or abandon their blogs.

That’s why, in corporate blogging training sessions, one of the main lessons I need to convey
to would-be blog content writers is that the real challenge in blogging is sustainability, even more than the content creation part of SEO marketing blogs.

I think Gina speaks for all freelance blog writers along with all business owners when she says, “It is challenging to stay on top of my thoughts and put together relevant blog posts when my daily job often takes up so much of my time, both in the office and out.”

A good blog will drive up your search engine rankings and give you credibility… It all sounds great, except for one thing — you have to write. … observes fellow blogger Jenni Buchanan.

As that small corporate blog creature ceases to be an armful and grows into something much bigger, that’s when Indiana blog content writers can help handle the handful!


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