Indiana Business Bloggers Wanted for Translating and Interpreting


“I don’t have my own lab,” writes Rolf Dobelli in the forward to his book The Art of Thinking Clearly.  In fact, in writing the book, he explains, he thought of himself as a translator.

How very apropos, I thought, coming upon the author’s self-description. All of us Indianapolis freelance business blog content writers, after all, are doing a job that is exactly what Dobelli says his job is – to interpret and synthesize what he’d read and learned and to put it in terms others can understand.

On a resume, I realize in retrospect, my years of experience crafting messages for different businesses and professional practices might very well have fallen under the job descriptor “translator/iinterpreter”.

And, while I hadn’t thought of content writing for business as “interpreting” per se, I think that bloggers for business now need to go beyond providing information and become “thought drivers". Whether it's business-to-business blog writing or business-to-consumer blog writing, the blog content itself needs to use opinion to clarify what differentiates that business, that professional practice, or that organization from its peers. In other words, blog posts will go from information-dispensing to offering the business owner's (or the professional's, or the organizational executive's) unique perspective on issues related to the search topic.

One other important aspect of using blog content writing as an interpretation mechanism has to do with curation. When I link to outside sources, that allows me to add breadth, depth, and credibility to the ideas I’m expressing on behalf of Say It For You client companies. In what way?  Introducing  another blog content writer’s comments about the subject of my client's blog is a way to reinforce my points and show those owners and professionals are staying in touch with others in their respective fields.

 Naturally, the more technical the subject, the greater the importance the “translation and interpretation” function of the blogger . As content writers, we understand that online readers have access to more technical sources than our blog posts.  Our job, though, is to help those readers (and that includes B&B prospects of our SEO marketing blogs) make sense out of the ocean of available information.

Like author Rolf Dobelli, at Say It For You, we “don’t have our own lab” or a staff of researchers. And like him, our job on behalf of our business owners, practitioners, and organizations is to interpret and synthesize what we’ve read and learned and put those understandings in terms that will help readers understand and be moved to action.


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