Intent vs. Reach in Your Business Blog

hands reachingIn the financial industry, they talk about the power of OPM (other people’s money). As a professional ghost blogger offering business blogging assistance, I talk about staying up on trends through OPB (other people’s blogs).  Just the other day, I read a really interesting post from Steele Marketing Concepts called “Intent vs. Reach”. I thought the points made in that article were highly relevant for business blog writing.

“The goal with most advertising and promotion has always been the greater the reach of my message, the higher the odds it will connect with someone who is interested in buying my product,” the article starts out.  My translation: The more bread you cast on the proverbial waters,  the more likely you’ll see some ROI (return on invested effort).  Spot on, Steele Marketing; in discussing blog marketing strategy and tactics development with clients, I mention the power of frequency in business blog writing. In other words, when it comes to search engine optimization and getting indexed, more is better. 

Steele Marketing makes the point that social media have the greatest reach and the highest level of buyer intent.  Therefore, “not using online marketing tools tied to your website and other media means you are missing out on those buyers with the greatest intent to buy.”

This is the essential point that drives my work in providing blog writing services as well as corporate blogging training. Potentially, your reach through business blog writing is enormous – the entire blogosphere is the oyster for business owners! But even more important, I explain to new business owner clients, the people most likely to find their way to your blog are those already interested in what you do, what you know about, and what you sell – in other words, those with at least the potential intent to buy! In fact, as a freelance SEO copywriter, I write for, and to, already delineated target readers, the ones who have needs my client’s business is in a position to satisfy.

“I believe the implications are clear,” concludes Steele. “…if you are not already doing some level of email marketing, social media, and website optimization, is to get started.” As a ghost blogger offering corporate blog training, all I have to say is “Amen!”

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