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“Investing in SEO means you’re probably optimizing for long-tail search,” according to Hubspot.com.

Thankfully for most non-techie Indianapolis blog content writers, the next two sentences in Hubspot’s white paper are less cryptic: “A long tail search term is long, usually containing three or more terms.  And the longer a key word is, the more specific it gets.”

As a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer, I felt quite “validated” by Hubspot’s advice to business owners:

“If you do little else with your SEO other than blog utilizing keywords important
to your business, you’ll see significant gains.”

Validation of the Say It For You emphasis on high quality writing (including using correct grammar and spelling and properly attributing quoted material to the original authors) comes from no less a source than Google itself:

“Our recent update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites”, said Google employee Wysz (quoted by Erik Deckers in “Why Your Blog Needs to be Well Written”).

For blog content writers in Indianapolis who want to create SEO marketing blog material, but lack the resources to implement a full optimization program, using long tail search terms in blog posts is good start.

In Hubspot’s example, there is a marketing company that wants to draw traffic to its website..  Were the freelance blog content writer for that company to use only the search term “marketing”, that is so broad a category that it would be extremely difficult for that small company to “get found” online among the millions of providers, worldwide, that offer all manner of marketing services.

Just by adding a second element to the keyword phrase, the business blog writing – and the search- become much more focused: “Marketing analytics consultant”.  The content writer has narrowed the field to analytics consultants, and the chances of that site getting found have been tremendously increased.

Hubspot adds a third term to its illustration: Boston. The two “tail extensions” make the keyword phrase " marketing analytics consultant in Boston" very specific.  By narrowing the target audience, the writer would have increased the odds of the site getting found.

And this is precisely the point at which questions frequently arise in my Say It For You corporate blogging training sessions. What if my goal is to attract business throughout the Midwest, not merely in Indianapolis? Well, nothing stops you from alternating long tail, localized search terms or even using several in one blog post, such as “Carmel, Indiana HVAC”, “Heating and Air Conditioning in Greenwood, Indiana”.  Hubspot adds that local search terms appeal to mobile searchers, who are closer to the point of purchase.

So, is SEO trumped by skilled blogging for business? Not in the least, warns Hubspot. “Constant quality content creation will get you far, but it will only get you so far.”

In the meanwhile, for those of our business owner and professional practitioner clients on a limited budget, our long tail, B-to-C Indianapolis blog content writers will keep bloggin’ along!

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