More About Blogs And Bathroom Makeovers

I found so many good tips in the ShopSmart Magazine article about bathroom makeovers,
I wanted to share those ideas with business bloggers looking for good ideas about setting up a blog site and then creating great content for blog posts.

 Makeover tips highlighted in my post earlier this week included calming and reassuring, using simple organizers, and redoing the lighting.  Here is more advice that holds true in designing blogsites and composing blog content:

Upgrade your showerhead…
Look for a showerhead with adjustable spray settings or a spa look, advises ShopSmart.

To me, serious blog marketers need to upgrade their analytics, to get detailed information (Which topics – and which key words and phrases –  are attracting the most readers? On which days of the week?  What are the primary sources of blog traffic?).  Without that "shower" of information, a business owner cannot make the "adjustments", fine-tuning the marketing effort to appeal to target customers.

Try a relaxing paint color…..
"Watery tones look fresh and clean when paired with glossy white trim.  For a restful, earthy vibe, choose sage greens, grays, or tans…"

If the blog platform is separate from the business’ main website, it’s important to have a "look" that’s consistent with the website.  Likewise, the "style" of writing for the blog posts themselves, whether you’re writing your own content, using a professional ghost blogger like me, or some combination of the two, it’s all part of the overall message you’re putting out there to attract customers and clients.

Color counts.  Design counts.  And, in blogging, more than anything, content – and the style in which it’s presented – counts!

ShopSmart Magazine ends its piece with a mini-reference list of where to find "cool bathroom stuff".  Here’s my mini-reference list of former blog posts that focus on ideas for blog content:

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