Never Give a Business Blogging Party If…

Mickey FriedmanNovelist Mickey Friedman offers this advice about entertaining:  "Never give a party if you will be the most interesting person there."  Since I offer corporate blogging training, it occurs to me that the same advice might apply to business blog writing.

Blog content writers need a touch of humility – and a touch of realism.  Our ideas are not necessarily the most interesting to all of our readers, at least not all of the time.  "Inviting others to the party" by quoting their thoughts and ideas can spice up the "party" immensely.

The way Friedman’s advice applies to corporate blogging for business is simply this: It’s not enough to write blogs (or even to hire a blog writing service to do it for you).  It’s important for whoever is doing the business blog writing to "invite others to the party" by first reading what others are saying on the topic and then by sharing the best "finds" with readers of your SEO marketing blog. 

Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg wrote in a guest post on the Say It For You blog: "I am constantly testing new techniques to build buzz and drive traffic."  In offering business blogging assistance, I emphasize the importance of actually "inviting people to your party" by using social media to spread the word about your corporate blog writing.

In planning the "refreshments" for your "party", think outside your own expertise.  (Remember, you don’t want to be the most interesting person there!) As an Indianapolis blog writer, I try to season each blog post with information from other sources, so that I’m not always talking only about myself and my business.  After all, there are so many interesting people and ideas to introduce to readers at Say It For You "parties"!

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