Question Titles in Blogging for Business

The tactic of question titles is one I’ve often suggested to new blog content writers in Say It For You training sessions. People are online searching for answers to questions they have and solutions for dilemmas they’re facing, and often we can help searchers who haven’t specifically formulated their questions by presenting a question in the blog post title itself. 

The question in the title serves to arouse readers’ curiosity about which side of the issue your opinion is going to represent, and about the answers you’re going to provide in the content of the post itself. And, of course, the title question can include keyword phrases to help Google index the blog.


“Or…you can ask a question,” writes Patrick Armitrage in, after naming several different ways to write blog post titles. So, what is it about a question that entices someone to click on a blog post and read further?   Questions create intrigue, Armitrage says, inviting readers to participate in a conversation. In fact, when people search online, they often type in How do I….” Why does…” or “When do…..”. questions. But not every question makes for a good title, Armitrage cautions. Open-ended questions (those that cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”) are better than closed-end. 


If the title isn’t right, they won’t read any further because you’re not giving the impression that your article will help them, explains Stefanie Flexman in “You have to provide crystal-clear value when you invite people to your digital home,” she adds, comparing three possible blog titles for a post on home gardening:


1.  “Does your lawn need fertilizer?” (Even if the reader was searching for advice on fertilizing lawns, this title is coring and adds little value)


2. “Are your weeds out of control?” (This does not demonstrate you’re a likable expert with something new to teach the reader. It is also too similar to what a competitor would write.)
3. “What’s the Secret to Keeping Your Weeds at Bay (Year After Year)? (This title holds a promise of valuable, usable information.)
Emily Johnson, writing in agrees. “Where, What, Why titles work because they promise you’ll learn something new. Johnson says, offering some simple models:
  •  “What will…..Look Like in the Future?”
  • Why do Successful People Plan their Lives 90 Days at a Time?
  • “What Can You Learn from…..? 
There’s no question – question titles are a good idea in blogging for business!
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