“Say It For You” High on the Charts with Song Title Challenge

musical notesI was absolutely delighted with the enthusiastic response to my corporate blog-writing challenge revolving around song titles.  (As a blog content writer, I posed a challenge to business owners to explain some aspect of their business by referring to a song title.) The many comments and emails were topped off by Cindy Hartman (Hartman Inventory), who devoted an entire guest blog post to thanking me, using various song titles.

So, why did this zany idea of mine about writing for business catch on so well with my Say It For You blog readers? I’m going to use today’s blog post to share the four reasons I came up with.  Each of these is something I’m going to try and do more of in future business blog writing, and hopefully, you will do the same.

  1. The blog offered a challenge (readers were challenged to think about something familiar, namely their own businesses, in a whole new light, yet it was simple enough for anyone to try.
  2. The idea was very specific, but had broad appeal:
  •            You could choose any kind of song, from rap to rock to country Western.
  •            The idea could be applied to any kind of business or professional practice
  •            Anyone, including employees and customers, not only the owners could relate to the challenge (it is an idea that a business blogging service  or freelance SEO copywriter might use)

     Searchers use our business blogs in individualized ways. Some will scan quickly, verifying they’ve come to the right place, then hopefully click through in response to one of our Calls to Action.  Others might follow our links, meandering through pages of material, perhaps returning to tie it all together. Still others might make note of what we have to offer, filing that information away for a later time.

     3.   The challenge allowed self expression.

           4.  The blog post introducing the song title idea offered free, valuable advice to 
              business bloggers.

As relationship strategist Ron Sukenick teaches, sharing ideas, information, and resources with others increases your own influence and impact in the business world.

Speaking of song titles, I’m so glad I thought of that business blogging challenge.  As James Brown might say, "I Feel Good!"

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