Should Professional Ghost Bloggers Target People Paying to Get Scared?

Researchers used to think people paid to get scared (as a population, we here in the UShorror just finished spending close to $3 billion on Halloween) because they get a high off the relief at the end. But, as Science Daily reports, a new study shows horror fans are just “happy being unhappy”.

People getting “scared” into action is an important topic in marketing, including SEO marketing blogs.
Specifically, business owners and those providing blog writing services need to weigh the effectiveness of fear tactics in galvanizing customers into action.

Shock advertising can, in fact, move people to action, I learned, reading reports from the British Department of Health on the anti-smoking campaign “Get Unhooked” (which was banned because the ads caused fear and distress in children). In business blog writing, though, while it’s important to appeal to readers’ need to avoid pain, you’re more likely to “win friends and influence people” in your blog posts by giving searchers a “feel” for the relief and comfort they’ll gain after using your products and services.

One very old selling strategy involves digging for pain points, and then creating a need for what we do or what we sell.  At Say It For You, we lean more towards the view offered by, which is more in line with the sort of blog writing services we like to offer our client companies:

“Selling is not a horror show. We can professionly increase
the sense of urgency
to action without ‘scaring’ them.”

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