Show ’em the Juice is Worth the Squeeze

Touting the tax planning advantages of tax-deferred annuities at our Financial Planning Association meeting, Tim Hays of Jackson National Life Fresh Oranges and Juicetalked about the relatively high fee structure that kind of investment typically carries. Is the juice worth the squeeze, he asked, going on explain why, in fact, it is.

Hays’ presentation made me realize how important it is for us blog content writers to focus on helping readers arrive at that same conclusion after considering the costs and benefits of the products or services described in the content.

Of course, in business blogs, it would be wonderful if all we needed to do was write about positive developments in our business or practice and about all the benefits that come from using our products and services. Problem is, prospects, are skeptical, having been exposed to the barrage of advertising messages that’s become part of our everyday existence. How can you demonstrate that the “juice” is, in fact, worth the “squeeze”?

Remind readers of their own concerns, calling to mind the costs, the risks, and the problems that drove them to seek information in the first place.  In other words, remind them they’re already suffering from a “squeeze”.  Only then can your blog content offer the “juice” and demonstrate that you and your staff have the experience, information, and the familiarity with the newest and most effective solutions available.

To be sure, there’s a little more “squeeze” to come for them (in the form of whatever time, expense, and trouble your new buyers will need to incur (in making the switch from their current provider to you). You might say your focus as blog content writer is to keep their focus on the end result, showing that the juice really is going to be well worth the squeeze!




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