So What? So This! Blogging For Business

Irreverent TV talk show host Joy Behar’s motto is "So What? Who Cares?".  Now, those are two questions business blogger need to imagine online searchers asking – because, sure as my name is Rhoda, they will! 

To begin creating blog content with even a hope of generating new leads, business owners had better address the "Who Cares?" part first: 

"Great content depends on understanding the keywords that drive your business," says Chris Baggott of Compendium Blogware.  Once you know which words and phrases people are using to find the kind of products and services you offer, you can use those keyword phrases in blog post titles and sprinkle them generously through your text.  The result will be that the ones who care  will be the ones attracted to your site!

Using keywords to "win search" so that your blog post shows up on Page 1 of Google or Bing is just Step 1.  There’s still the "So what?" to be satisfied. Your title helped the search engine understand what your page is about, and it matched your blog post with human beings.  Now you have the chance to answer to those human beings, reassuring them:

  • They’ve come to the right place to get the products, the services, and the answers they need
  • You’re very glad they’ve arrived
  • You understand their concerns
  • You have valuable, usable, expert – and understandable information to offer

In other words, the answer to the "So what?" readers are asking themselves is "So this!", meaning you stand ready to offer solutions. "At the end of the day," Baggott explains, "searchers are looking for solutions."

It’s no surprise, says Marketing Sherpa, that lead generation is very important in today’s economy. Whether  business owners are composing their own blog posts or working with a professional ghost blogger like me to create content, success depends on responding to the Behar Big Two –  "So What?" and "Who Cares?" with frequent, relevant, "So this!" blogging for business!


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