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golfingA couple of weeks ago, my Circle Business Network group meeting was held at Parmasters indoor golf training center in Noblesville.  The dozen of us in attendance were treated to some delicious muffins and coffee, then to a simulated tour of the famous Saddlebrook golf course with pro Clayton Meeks.

An absolutely abominable golfer myself, I still got a big kick out of seeing the wonders of modern computer technology put to the task of teaching a skill.  Parmasters is amazing! The part of Clayton’s talk I found to be the most interesting had to do with the golf teaching system used at Parmasters, called Straight-Line Golf.  This is a system that allows the player to consistently hit the ball straight.  Straight Line, (and this part  was significant to me as a seminar presenter and former teacher), in contrast with traditional golf instruction’s focus on correcting a player’s faults and weaknesses, takes all players through the same teaching track, focusing on the golfer’s getting the ball straight to its target.

My “Say It For You” ghost blogging for businesses is, in a way, based on the same “Straight Line” principle.  Search Engine Optimization consists of  “driving” (pun intended) traffic to your website.  The straight line begins when someone browses the Web searching for information about a topic related to your company’s expertise, product, or service.  Your blog contains recently posted, relevant information.  Since you’ve been consistently posting good, frequently updated material, the search engines have rewarded your efforts by putting your blog closer to the top of their search list.  The browser spots your blog (because it uses all the search terms he/she’s designated), then finds what you have to say compelling enough to continue along the path – straight to your website. 

So, thanks for the memories, Parmasters!  And thanks for setting a good example for “straight-line” corporate marketing through blogs.

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