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Do “Huh-Oh” Titles Work for Marketing Blogs?

  One important purpose of marketing blog titles is attracting online shoppers. So, catchy and engaging as a title might be, it won’t serve the purpose if the words in it don’t match up with those searchers used. After all my “reading around” – magazines, books, blogs, textbooks – you name it, I’ve come to […]

Citations – Good News in Blogging, Confusing in Spelling, Bad News in Driving

“The triple whammy of homophones ‘cite’, ‘site’, and ‘sight’ has the potential to create a great deal of confusion,” the editors of The Book of Random Oddities explain. To cite, they go on to explain, means to “quote someone, or someone’s work, as a authoritative source to support an argument.” The word “cite”, the book’s […]

Bloggers and Travel Agents Bring Clarity and Curation

“What stresses people today,” explains Matthew Upchurch, CEO of the Virtuoso luxury travel network, “isn’t the lack of information. It’s not knowing if they are asking the right questions….People don’t go to advisers for information anymore,” Upchurch adds. “They go for clarity and curation; they need someone to distill the abundance of information available to […]

Be a Scholar, Not a Driver, When it Comes to Blog Citations

“Cite” is a verb derived from the Latin citare, meaning to put in motion or summon, explain the editors of The Book of Random Oddities. To cite can mean to quote someone or someone else’s work. It can also mean naming someone in a court summons or giving them a parking ticket.  So, as Random […]

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