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Business Bloggers Can be Authors of Defining Moments

In The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact, authors Chimp and Dan Heath posit that there are certain brief experiences which jolt us, change us, and elevate us. What if a teacher could design a lesson he knew students would remember twenty years later, they ask.  What if a manager knew how to […]

Motivating Others Through Our Blogs

    “Motivating others requires a connection to people’s deep desires. It’s not just about loading them up with a lot of how-to information,” write Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson in 100 Ways to Motivate Others. Since as blog content writers, we’re trying to motivate readers to take action, what lessons can we learn from […]

Blog to Foster the Human Connection in the Digital Age

Have you ever wondered why handmade items are looked upon as superior, while machine made pieces are often deemed inferior? And is that still true? “Perhaps it used to matter if a dress was handmade or machine made, at least in haute couture, but now things are complete different,” said Karl Lagerfield at the Metropolitan […]

Highlight the Team in Your Business Blogs

“Highlighting your team is a great way to bring your readers behind the scenes and let them see the team camaraderie. This kind of transparency builds trust with your readers,” says Any Porterfield in socialmediaexaminer.  “Your team can help you keep things informal, fun and relatable,” she adds. Since I work as a professional ghost […]

Don’t Let Your Blog Readers Get the Wrong Idea

“Sometimes, our very human fears and insecurities cause us to talk about ourselves in ways that don’t reflect the truth of who we are. We choose language that hides our strength…and this gives other people the wrong impression of us,” writes Annika Martins in postivelypositive.com. Business blogging is one way we have of “talking about […]

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