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Business Blogging With Round-Up Posts – Part 1 of 2

Authorunlimited editor Cathy Presland calls them Best-of-the-Web Round-Ups, referring to blog posts consisting of “lists of the best websites, You Tube clips, or any other kind of web content that relates to your topic”, and round-up posts are great way, she advises, for business blog content writers to demonstrate the breadth of your own knowledge […]

Ohio River Lessons About Business Blogging

My two-day get-away with friends to historic Madison, Indiana wasn’t supposed to be about business, and it wasn’t. Later, though, recalling the different guided tours we’d taken, I realized I’d had blog content writing on my mind after all. While learning interesting facts about how a telegram saved Madison from demolition and how Kentucky “owns” […]

The Logic and Logistics of Blogging for Business

“Writing is very much about the order of ideas presented and the emphasis given to them,” Brandon Royal explains in The Little Red Writing Book. There are two general things readers expect: to see ideas unfold logically to have writers give the most important ideas the most coverage There are different “floor plans” for pieces […]

What Do Blog Readers Need Out of Our Blog Content

What do we need at work? That’s the question Carla Hill, responsible for leading Business Furniture’s New Business Development teams, knows marketers must be able to answer.  Hill’s years as a learning and development consultant have helped her put together the following list of what each employee needs in the workplace: people who help me […]

What’s Your Blogging Type?

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but your font choice can make quite the statement, too,” writes Christine Birkner in Marketing News. “Font styles are messaging cues, and serve as important branding elements,” Birkner adds. For my Say It For You blog, I chose to use Arial, a popular sans serif font. While there’s […]

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