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Business Blogging Using Not-So-Trivial Trivia – Part B

This week I’m devoting my Say It For You blog posts to sharing some of the gems I discovered, in J.K. Kelly’s Book of Incredible Information. There seems to be an ongoing debate in the world of fashion about pantyhose. “The look will never be quite the same as it would be with a nude […]

“Iffy” Blog Content Writing

        National Geographic Kids collects quirky, fun facts. I like the ones presented as “ifs”. I think we blog content writers could sometimes present business information in that same thought-provoking format.  The “If”, I find, is what puts each fact into perspective and makes readers curious to learn more. “If you continued […]

Blog Humor is Stubbornly Provincial

Joe Wong is that Chinese American chemical engineer who became a career comedian, coming to fame after appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman and on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Wong now hosts TV shows in China. In the New York Times Magazine, Christopher Beam talks about some of the challenges implicit in bringing […]

Bibi Makes a Point on the Side of Humor in Blogging for Business

Just after I’d posted Monday’s Say It For You blog urging blog content writers to use humor with caution, my friend George shared the following link to what he calls “a truly original ad”.  George was right, I think you’ll agree – the video really got me laughing – and thinking… WAIT!  Before you click, […]

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