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Blogging for Business While Inspiring Three Types of Trust

“Trust is a powerful intangible asset,” Allen Harris, CEO of Berkshire Money Management Inc. reminds financial planners.  A Knowledge@Wharton special report describes three types of trust between financial advisors and clients: trust in know-how trust in ethical conduct trust in empathetic skills “Trust is everything in the online world,” writes A.J. Agrawal in Forbes. In […]

You’d-Be-Surprised Blogging for Business

While strange-and-unusual lists help spark readers’ curiosity and keep them moving through our blog pages, as blog content writers we can’t stop there. We need to take readers to the next step, which is telling them about surprising things they can do and accomplish (with our professional help, of course!). For example, it’s all well […]

5-Question Blogging for Business

“Someone asked me a good question today about my business,” recalls executive coach Kim Stoneking.  “Fortunately,” he adds “I was prepared with an answer. The request from the prospect was, “Tell me five things that make you different from your competitors.” Because Kim had thought about that question and was prepared with a response, he […]

Humor Can Be a Hot Potato in Blogging for Business

“It’s no surprise that using humor in advertising is an effective way to connect with your audience and humanize your brand or company,” observes Jason Miller of Social Media Examiner. “Just because your company is serious doesn’t mean all marketing has to be,” he adds. As a corporate blogging trainer, I must admit I was […]

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