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Stay Big or Go Small in Blogging for Business

Your chances of being attacked by a shark aren’t great – about one in 11 million, Jen McCaffrey reassures readers of Readers’ Digest. That said, to avoid being “that one”, McCaffrey advises, “Stay big…or go small”. In other words, if the shark looks aggressive, try to maintain a strong presence; if it appears to be […]

The Long and the Short of Business Blog Writing

“So which is better for you: long or short content?” Rob Marsh asks on copyhackers.com. The short of it as per Forbes.com: “Write short, pithy posts.  After 750 words – or sometimes after only half that – you risk losing your readers’ attention”. The long of it as per Buffer:  “Posts longer than 2,500 words […]

Taking Content-Writing Tips from Dental Web Designers “Down Under”

If you’re a dentist, your website needs to build your brand,” Luke Hayes of Dental Marketing Solutions cautions. Hayes makes Australian dentists smile by designing websites with “visual impact and usability”. What do his websites aim to do? Here across the pond, we would do well to follow the list Hayes provides: Build patients’ confidence […]

Shrinking Blog Paragraphs Like a Strip of Bacon

“When I see a paragraph shrinking under my eyes like a strip of bacon, I know I’m on the right track,” says Peter DeVries, American author and novelist known for his satiric wit. Paragraphs, says Richard Anderson in Powerful Writing Skills, are like rest stops, giving our eyes and minds a break before going on […]

For Kazoos and Blog Marketing, Don’t Blow – Hum!

Want to pick up the kazoo?  Start with Rule No. 1, advises Barbara Stewart, a classical musician who took the humble instrument all the way to Carnegie Hall. What is Rule #1? Hum, don’t blow. Always on the hunt for interesting trivia to use as business blog content writing fodder, I was fascinated to learn […]

Never Can Say Goodbye? Your Online Visitors Will!

My trade show maven friend Jane Thompson writes about people who don’t know how to say goodbye. “When you are prepping your booth staff for a show,” she warns, “don’t forget to prepare them for the eventuality of having to extract themselves from a conversation with an attendee who is ‘going on too long’”. It’s not unusual […]

Good-and-Good Blogging for Business

The six-student presentation at the Hasten Hebrew Academy the other evening was definitely “good and good”. Principal Miriam Gettinger explained why that expression could be used to describe an effective sermon (her husband’s a rabbi).  In fact, I couldn’t help thinking, “good and good” should be the standard of excellence in any communication, perhaps particularly […]

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