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She-Did-It-To-Work-For-You Blog Content Writing

  The full page ad in Employee Benefit News is a grabber, containing a photo of a young woman wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with the dollar figure $67,928. “Why did she borrow that money for tuition?” the ad asks, offering the response “She did it to work for you”. “Every person who visits your site […]

Blog Boasting of the Right Kind

“High levels of confidence, even if unwarranted, can make people appear more attractive to potential collaborators,” A.M. Hammond writes in Psychology Today, explaining the importance of the way confidence is expressed. One tip about confidence offered by the American Marketing Association in Business Writing Tips for Professionals is relevant here: “Phrases like ‘We’re #1’, ‘We’re […]

Start By Being on Their Side

In his 30-second “elevator speech” introducing himself at our InfoConnect2 networking meeting, fellow member Cody Lents shared something I think blog content writers need to hear. Most sales processes, Cody said, go as follows: Here’s what we have to offer…. Here’s how it works….. Here’s how it can help you…… What do you think?….. In […]

Blog to Show Both Sides of an Issue

Are the oldest fossils really rocks? Is insomnia always dangerous? Is nervousness natural and healthy? Is eating potatoes as bad for teens as digital technology? These are just a few of the debatable topics covered in recent issues of both Psychology Today and Prevention Guide. But whether the topic of your own blog marketing efforts […]

The Pomelo Schema for Business Blogs

To make a profound idea compact, you’ve got to pack a lot of meaning into a little bit of messaging. Chip and Dan Heath wrote the book Made to Stick to help readers who have ideas to convey and who want to make sure their messages are understood and remembered (that they “stick”). Since, for us […]

Content Meant for Mature Palates

  Decades ago, USA Today columnist Tammy Algood remembers, olives were always placed on the relish tray that only adults enjoyed, and no self-respecting kid ventured anywhere near the dish. Now, however, olives are a regular part of meals during the week. Algood goes on to explain that the olive is technically a fruit and, because […]

Business Blogging – Don’t Forget What It Means

“To me, when people talk about the fact that employees are not engaged, that means they’re missing what’s in it for them…how their lives are better because they are employed by the company,” observes Dana Polyak in a recent issue of Employee Benefit News.  Back to Radio Station WIIFM, that old sales training rule that […]

Top Ten How-To Titles in Blogging for Business

There’s a reason “how-to” blog post titles work, marketing gurus Guy Kawaski and Peg Fitzpatrick show in their user guide on social media. How-to titles might start out with those very words, or take forms such as: Quick Guide to….. Complete Guide to…. Questions to Ask Before… Rules for…. Essential Steps to…. Most Popular Ways […]

Steps to Light Up Your Place in the Blogosphere

In coaching financial advisors, John Bowen Jr. writes in Financial Planning, he found that the most successful individuals had a secret weapon at their disposal: the power of their presence. Bowen names steps advisors can take to “light up a room when they enter”.  Blog content writers, I believe, can use every one of those […]

Business Blogging 2.0

“Your Best Staycation May Be in Your Own Back Yard” is the theme of the latest issue of Travel Indiana magazine“.  “Statistics show that one-third of Americans visit coastal areas each year, confirming our strong draw to the water and the activities surrounding it. But if you think you have to travel outside of Indiana […]

Business Blogging With Round-Up Posts – Part 2 of 2

    Round-up posts are blog posts consisting of lists of best sources of information. Those might be lists of best websites, best You Tube clips, or best of any kind of web content that relates to your topic. As a business blogging trainer, I loved many of Authorunlimited editor Cathy Presland’s ideas for round-up […]

Using the “It’s Not Your Fault” Appeal in Blog Marketing

An advertisement I happened upon incorporates what I think was a very effective form of “reverse psychology” as a way to appeal to customers: “It’s not your fault”, the ad read.  If your hot water heater “chose” a weekend to break down – well, that’s not your fault and you shouldn’t be charged extra for […]

Self-Checking Your Business Blog

          “These 5 fast and easy self-exams can tell you if it’s time to see a doc,” Kate Lawler writes in ATM Magazine, encouraging readers to check the inner lids of their eyes, the appearance of their skin and hair, their balance, and their heart rate. As a content writing trainer, […]

Double Duty Business Blogging

  “Provide valuable information to people who need it, and let word-of-mouth marketing do the rest.” No, this advice wasn’t being given to bloggers; practice management consultant Susan Kornegay, CFP® was telling financial planning practitioners (in the Journal of Financial Planning) about the benefits of using informational booklets as marketing tools for their professional practices. […]

Business Blogging Earns High Scores

“There’s no doubt that blogs afford small businesses big payoffs. They humanize a business, position you as an expert in your field, and work hand-in-hand with your website and social media presence to improve your search engine rankings,” the SCORE website advises its members.  But, since finding the time or an eager author to write […]

The Right Words – Business Blogging Power Tools

It’s too bad that in the course of doing business, we get so tied up in making a good, marketable product and in serving our customers’ needs, we often forget how much help the right words can be. In fact, when it comes to web-based communication, words, along with images are our only tools. As […]

Book-Review Blogging for Business

Online visitors are “test-driving” your company or practice through reading your blog posts. They want to see whether you understand their problems and can quickly and effectively help solve those. Often, the way to be of most help to searchers is to offer “book reviews”, collections of material you have “curated” (gathered and presented) for […]

Your Business Blog Can Be Their User Manual

“In the olden days – say the 1980s – if you bought a piece of technology, a paperback user guide came with it.  It was the manufacturer’s one big chance to explain its engineers’ thinking to you, to communicate what the designers and marketers had in mind,” David Pogue writes in Scientific American. Then, Google […]

The Power of Place in Business Blog Content Writing

“Branding helps people identify and recognize your products and organization,” asserts thebrandingjournal.com. And just how does that happen? Branding: makes your company different from the competition helps you connect with customers emotionally helps consumers know what to expect allows you to be clear with your strategy and stay focused So, in today’s world of online […]

Using the Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs in Your Business Blogging

    “Your listeners are asking themselves ‘Why should I care?’ Carmine Gallo reminds marketers in his business skills and development book The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. Jobs, the author reminds readers, is the guy who transformed business presentations into an art form. Using those presentation secrets, a top Apple executive said, you can: […]

Put Words in Blog Readers’ Mouths

“Learn the lingo to beat the scammers,” advises Sid Kirchheimer in this month’s AARP magazine. “Knowledge is power” the author explains, proceeding to “put words.in readers’ mouths” so that they can feel confident about protecting themselves from fraudsters. A “catfish”, Kirscheimer explains, is someone who creates a fake online profile to intentionally deceive you, while […]

Case Study Business Blogging

“To explore uncertainty reduction theory, I ask students to analyze a case study in groups of four to six people for about 15 to 20 minutes,” says Elizabeth Natalle in Teaching Interpersonal Communication. The case study, she adds, is a good teaching technique because students can participate actively and demonstrates choice making. Stories of all […]

We’ve All Heard the Naysayers

“We’ve all heard the naysayers – they argue that speechwriting is losing relevance in a world of unscripted comments and 140-character attention spans”, reads the invitation to the 2017 Speechwriters Conference. The reality, Ragan explains is that organizations need thoughtful communicators more than ever. Importantly, all three skill areas on which the speechwriter’s conference promises […]

Blogging From End to Beginning

  “Strategically, the summary or conclusion should come at the beginning of an expository piece, not at the end,” explains Brandon Royal in The Little Red Writing Book. Royal is referring to a top-down approach, where readers understand from the beginning what the main idea of the piece is, then are given the supporting facts or […]

Blog About How You See Wildlife or Whatever, Not About What You Sell

A Canon commercial on the back cover of an old issue of National Geographic reminded me of a piece of blogging advice that will never grow old: The best blog posts are never about yourself, your company, your services, or your products, but about why you see things the way that you do. There are […]

Words You Never Use in Blogging for Business

“It’s more important than ever before to be mindful not just of what your company says to customers online, but HOW it is said as well,” asserts Jay Baer, author of Hug Your Haters. “Minor shifts in words choice can mean the difference between a great customer interaction and an unruly, offended mob.” There are […]

Using News Tidbits to Blog About Aging

When he was almost 76, Mandela was elected president of South Africa in the first election that was open to all races in that country’s history. On his 80th birthday he married his third wife, Graca Machel. In 1979, at age 69, Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize for her work. The first edition […]

Creating Community Through Blog Conversations

“You create community by having conversations with people who are excited about the same thing as you are,” says Elizabeth Gerber, associate professor of design at Northwestern University.  Gerber is one of many scholars exploring what really compels people to give to other people online through crowdfunding. As much as crowdfunding is a modern economic […]

Blogs and Book Reviews – Brothers Under the Skin

There are 6 Must Have Steps to writing a book review, writes Francesca of the Sway Group: Introduce the subject, scope, and type of book. Briefly summarize the content. Include graphics (be aware of copyrights). Provide your reactions to the book. Provide links. Be honest about your review, passing along a recommendation to your audience. […]

What-Good-Does-That-Do-Me Blog marketing

I think I could write an entire chapter in a content marketing textbook based on the ShaneCo radio commercial about diamond jewelry. I’d name it “What-Good-Does-That-Do-Me Blog Marketing”. You see, in his “You’ve got a friend in the diamond business” commercials, Tom Shane often mentions the fact that he goes directly to Bangkok to seek […]

What Does it Take to be a Sophisticated Blog Marketer?

The original meaning of the word “sophisticated” was quite different from the way we think of it today, author Bill Brohough teaches in The Gloomy Truth Behind the Words You Use .  To “sophisticate” something was to adulterate it by mixing it with something inferior, so being sophisticated meant the opposite of genuine. When it comes […]

Think Differently About Your Blog

  “Organize and present your ideas with a targeted reader in mind,” advises Richard Anderson in Powerful Writing Skills. “Don’t be satisfied with putting down data and results or observations and opinions.  Find a way to make this information meaningful to your reader.” That doesn’t mean you should talk down to your readers, Anderson cautions. […]

Bloggers Can Learn From Dried Ink on Dead Trees

  “To drive quality traffic to your site, you must think like a publisher,” content marketer Rustin Banks tells business owners and blog content writers.  In fact, everything he needed to know about online content marketing, he asserts, he learned from his experience “printing dried ink on dead trees”. Banks suggests ten rules from print […]

Finding the Flossiest Blog Topics

Mental Floss Magazine, always masters at making unlikely connections among seemingly unrelated topics, did it again in “25 Flossiest Cities in the World”.  The term “flossy”, the editors explain (lest we envision dental care), means “exhibiting qualities of charm, quirk, and brain-boosting power in equal measure”. The article is all about places that don’t come […]

For Kazoos and Blog Marketing, Don’t Blow – Hum!

Want to pick up the kazoo?  Start with Rule No. 1, advises Barbara Stewart, a classical musician who took the humble instrument all the way to Carnegie Hall. What is Rule #1? Hum, don’t blow. Always on the hunt for interesting trivia to use as business blog content writing fodder, I was fascinated to learn […]

It’s All in the Game for Your Business Blog

“There’s a unique recipe that goes into coming out ahead in just about anything,” Jessanne Collins writes in Mental Floss, “an enigmatic equation of skill, technique, calculation, probability, chance, and all kinds of other immeasurable factors.” Collins examines competitions ranging from carnival games to spelling bees and Texas Hold “Em poker, concluding that the perfect […]

Know Your Reader When Using Allusions in Business Blogs

An allusion is a figure of speech that makes reference to a place, person, or event. The point of using allusions in writing? An allusion can: get readers thinking about your subject in a new way get a point across without going into a lengthy explanation cement a bond between the writer and readers based […]

Myths Have Pulling Power in Blogs

    Mythbusting is used in many fields to counteract what researchers suspect might be counterproductive thinking, and I’m a firm believer that myth debunking is a great use for corporate blogs. I was reminded of this the other day by a USA Today article, listing – and then busting – some common myths about […]

Think-Like-a-Shrink Blogging for Business

“When someone is struggling with a problem you think you could solve easily, remember that the problem looks simple only because it’s not your problem,” Dr. Jeremy Sherman reminds readers of Psychology Today. “Don’t pretend that your guesses about what motivates people are objective observations.  They’re always refracted through your own biases,” Sherman adds. For […]

Accentuate the Negative?

  “Eliminate the negative an’ latch on to the affirmative” was Johnny Mercer’s musical advice back in 1945. Playing to one’s strengths has, in fact, been a popular fad in management development circles. As a blog content writer, though, sometimes I wonder. The latest issue of Modern Dog magazine features eight article titles on its […]

Being the Type They Can Count On

In deciding whether to trust someone, we weigh two key characteristics, Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer explain in their book Friend and Foe – competence and warmth. Basically, we ask ourselves two questions: Does this person have the ability to follow through? Do they have my best interest at heart? Trust is a mightily important […]

Blogging to One-Tank Destinations

Have you visited the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Notre Dame, Indiana? How about the Five Points Fire Museum in Lafayette, IN? I haven’t been to either, but after learning through the Columbian magazine that those would be “one tank destinations” for me (I live in Indianapolis), I’m adding both locations to my vacation day fun […]

Blogging Assumption-Free

I’ve been doing some heavy thinking about assumptions, and it’s Daniel Herndon’s fault. “Assumptions can be good or bad, but either way they inform our beliefs and opinions,” Herndon says. Assumptions inform the decisions we make, and often they can be productive, he admits. But what about when our assumptions are counterproductive? he asks. (That’s […]

Strangest-Things Blogging for Business

You wouldn’t believe some of the strange things that get sent in the mail, says David Moye, writing in the Huffington Post. In fact, Moye explains, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not runs an annual Strange Mail Contest. The 2014 contest winner, for example, was a 19-pound tree trunk with a horseshoe embedded in it.  Ripley […]

Blog Writing for the Rando?

“I may be a rando when I cross your field of vision,” says Luc Sante.  Randos, he explains, are people who show up at your party uninvited or who patronize your favorite hangout but who have no connection with your crowd. To put it another way, a rando is Not One of Us. As business […]

Blog About Both Kinds of Goodwill

When you’re looking to buy or sell a business, Troy Patton of Archer Investments explained at the Financial Planning Association, one really important factor to weigh is goodwill.  How much of the business’ goodwill is “enterprise” and how much is “personal”? Professional business valuator Linton Kotzin agrees. “Segregating the intangible value of a company between […]

Different-Strokes Blogging for Business

Looking for ways to help your blog content appeal to different segments within your market? Look no further than the very different presidential marriage proposal tactics chronicled by Jeff Wilser, in Mental Floss magazine’s “10 Presidential Marriage Proposals”. As a blog content writer, strive for subtlety. Harry Truman snuck in his proposal to Bess while […]

Accentuate the Negative?

“Eliminate the negative an’ latch on to the affirmative” was Johnny Mercer’s musical advice back in 1945. Playing to one’s strengths has, in fact, been a popular fad in management development circles. As a blog content writer, though, sometimes I wonder. The latest issue of Modern Dog magazine features eight article titles on its cover: […]

Blogging to Tell Them What to Think About

Hara Estroff Marano, writing in Psychology Today, says she won’t tell you what to think, but will tell you what to think about.  While in this article the psychologist is offering food for thought in the sphere of dating and self-motivation, I couldn’t help but love that line of hers, realizing how very apropos it […]

Blogging to Tell Them What to Think About

Hara Estroff Marano, writing in Psychology Today, says she won’t tell you what to think, but will tell you what to think about.  While in this article the psychologist is offering food for thought in the sphere of dating and self-motivation, I couldn’t help but love that line of hers, realizing how very apropos it […]

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