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Blogging to Make the Reward Worth It

“Make the reward worth it,” Nancy Duarte advises business speakers in her book Resonate. “No matter how stimulating you make your plea, an audience will not act unless you describe a reward that makes it worthwhile.” The ultimate gain must be clear.” Duarte lists 7 basic types of reward: Basic needs – include food, water, […]

Don’t-Bother-With….Blogging for Business

  At Say It For You, I’m always on the lookout for different “templates”, not in the sense of platform graphics, but in terms of formats for presenting information about any business or pro practice.  Possibilities include: how-to posts list posts review posts op ed opinion posts interview posts By varying the format or template, you can revisit […]

What’s in a Name When Blogging For Business

  Richard Lederer, author of the book the Joy of Names, has a vested interest in his subject: his own name, he reveals means “powerful estate ruler leather worker”. But, “Must a name mean something?” (as Alice asks Humpty Dumpty).”Of course it must!” is Dumpty’s reply. In writing to promote a business or practice, using stories […]

In Blogging and in the Air, a Bit of Explanation Goes a Long Way

“Although many frequent fliers think they know what to do in an emergency, in fact most probably haven’t listened to the safety videos in years and if you quizzed them about the content, they’d flunk,” writes George Hobica in USA Today. The basic content of safety videos, Hobica explains, is established by the International Civil […]

Build the Thesis Ahead of the Blog

“Before you begin writing an essay or writing a research paper,” the Research & Education Association’s QuickAccess laminated writing guide advises, “draft a working thesis statement.” That’s great advice for students, even better advice for business blog content writers, I believe.  It’s advice too often neglected, I find, with the operative work being “before”. The […]

Business Bloggers Can be Authors of Defining Moments

In The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact, authors Chimp and Dan Heath posit that there are certain brief experiences which jolt us, change us, and elevate us. What if a teacher could design a lesson he knew students would remember twenty years later, they ask.  What if a manager knew how to […]

The-Truth-About Business Blog Titles

  The table of contents in Time’s special edition “The Science of Exercise” lists seventeen different articles, all of which sounded interesting enough to induce me to take the magazine off the display and add it to my shopping cart. And the articles did turn out to be interesting, every page worth a read by […]

Opening Gambits in Blogging for Business

  When you’re serving up seventeen articles about the very same topic, how do you keep things different and engaging? It’s all in the opening lines, I discovered, looking through TIME’s special edition, The Science of Exercise. Of course, that’s hardly “new news” – I’ve always stressed to new content writers that opening lines have […]

In Business Blogs, Keep the Downbeat Upbeat

In blogging for business, the last thing you’d want to be is “downbeat”. (One dictionary definition of “downbeat” is pessimistic, gloomy, negative, and fatalistic.). On the other hand, “downbeat” might be the very effect I want to achieve in order set the mood for my blog post. (The word “downbeat” is a musical term referring […]

Still More About Words to use in Blogging for Business

It’s the one lesson blog content writers can never afford to forget – the right words are our business blogging power tools. Sure, images (pictures, video clips, infographics) have power of their own.  But never forget that, in blogging, words matter, as Jennifer Olney of bealeader.com points out. Words are art, Olney emphasizes, and, as […]

Mythbusting Blog Content is More Than OK

  “There may be more stories about the origin of ‘OK’ than there are uses for it,” a Mental Floss magazine article points out. Writers have attributed it to: the Haitian port Aux Cayes a Puerto Rican rum labeled “Aux Quais” the German alles korrekt shipbuilders marking wood for “outer keel” Civil War soldiers carrying […]

Case Study Business Blogging

“To explore uncertainty reduction theory, I ask students to analyze a case study in groups of four to six people for about 15 to 20 minutes,” says Elizabeth Natalle in Teaching Interpersonal Communication. The case study, she adds, is a good teaching technique because students can participate actively and demonstrates choice making. Stories of all […]

The First Blog Post is Like the First Day of Class

“What impression would you like to make on the first day?” asks Elizabeth Natalle, author of Teaching Interpersonal Communication. In fact, the first day of class gets a lot of attention from pedagogues, Natalle explains to teachers, because “what happens that first day demonstrates to students what to expect from your instruction.” Some teachers even […]

Basically, We Bought Their Car For Them

  At a recent study session for financial planners, Waypoint Residential’s Todd Patterson made it really easy for us in the audience to understand exactly how excellent a return Waypoint had managed to generate for its investors over the last two years. After comparing dollars invested and dollars realized, Patterson summed up the situation in […]

The 8 Worst Mistakes in Blogging for Business

Reading Paul Sloane’s list of “The Eight Worst Mistakes Made By Keynote Speakers”, I couldn’t help thinking these are probably the same mistakes made all too often by business blog content writers. Just as Sloane warns speakers “Be sure not to make these mistakes”, I’d like to use this Say It For You blog post […]

What-Good-Does-That-Do-Me Blog marketing

I think I could write an entire chapter in a content marketing textbook based on the ShaneCo radio commercial about diamond jewelry. I’d name it “What-Good-Does-That-Do-Me Blog Marketing”. You see, in his “You’ve got a friend in the diamond business” commercials, Tom Shane often mentions the fact that he goes directly to Bangkok to seek […]

What Does it Take to be a Sophisticated Blog Marketer?

The original meaning of the word “sophisticated” was quite different from the way we think of it today, author Bill Brohough teaches in The Gloomy Truth Behind the Words You Use .  To “sophisticate” something was to adulterate it by mixing it with something inferior, so being sophisticated meant the opposite of genuine. When it comes […]

More About Using Skeletons to Bring Life to Your Blog

In the delightful little book Unfortunate English: The Gloomy Truth Behind the Words You Use, you can find a treasure chest of fun ideas for livening up business blog posts. Author Bill Brohough alerts readers to the fact that many of the words we use daily used to have very war-related, sexually oriented, or even […]

Does Your Blog Have Skeletons in its Verbal Closet?

  You’ll find skeletons in verbal closets, Bill Brohough says, and he devotes an entire book to helping us do just that in Unfortunate English: The Gloomy Truth Behind the Words You Use. Brohough alerts readers to the “improprieties, disgusting notions, licentiousness, and other foul thoughts” we speak daily without realizing it. I love “reading […]

Why Brains and Blogs Love Lists

“There’s little that our brains crave more than effortlessly acquired data,” Maria Konnikova remarks ruefully in the New Yorker magazine, by way of explaining the reasons people love lists. Lists spatially organize information, helping create an easy reading experience, Konnikova explains, “in which the mental heavy lifting of conceptualization, categorization, and analysis is completed well […]

No Need for Those Serious, Sometimes Fatal Effects

“In recent months, the FDA has been talking with drugmakers, medical groups and consumer groups about ways to make (pharmaceutical) ads clearer and drive home the most important safety risks,” reported the Chicago Tribune on August 11th. As an example, reporter John Russell talks about Humira, the best-selling drug in the world, made by AbbVie […]

Peter Piper Picks a creative Blog Writing Technique

“Used occasionally, alliteration can: Be memorable. Make an impact. Make you look confident. Be used for emphasis,”say the authors of “How to Get Your Own Way (Using Critical Thinking)”. Alliteration is just one of several creative writing techniques that can make your business correspondence more interesting, they add. With alliteration, you repeat the same letter […]

Blogging to Bolster Your Point of View

“Indiana is growing – but we can’t neglect transit as a quality of life and economic development priority,” Michael Huber CEO of the Indy Chamber and Steve Sullivan, CEO of MIBOR Realtor Association agree. Both are in favor of raising taxes in Marion County to improve transit  services.  Huber and Sullivan use several tactics to […]

Finding the Flossiest Blog Topics

Mental Floss Magazine, always masters at making unlikely connections among seemingly unrelated topics, did it again in “25 Flossiest Cities in the World”.  The term “flossy”, the editors explain (lest we envision dental care), means “exhibiting qualities of charm, quirk, and brain-boosting power in equal measure”. The article is all about places that don’t come […]

Striving for Online Marketing Stardom

  “You need writers even if your content is primarily video or audio,” asserts Mitch Meyerson in Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars. Why? Even what looks like free form content, he explains, needs a solid, well-crafted structure of words. What does Meyerson define as effective content structure? A headline that instantly commands audience […]

Sales-Lite for Business Blogs

Your objective of blogging may be to generate leads, to increase web traffic, or to raise your profile as an authority. But if you use your blog just to spread your sales messages, cautions kissmetrics.com, you may struggle to find readers. So, how do you get your sales message across through your blog?  This week, […]

Things-You-Can-Buy Business Blogging

Yes, I admit it – I tried for the $1.5 Powerball jackpot and lost. Have to add, though, that I really couldn’t relate to that big a dollar figure – couldn’t even imagine dollars in the billions. Billions. Until, that is, I read the USA Today list of “5 Things that $1.5 Billion Powerball Jackpot […]

Think-Like-a-Shrink Blogging for Business

“When someone is struggling with a problem you think you could solve easily, remember that the problem looks simple only because it’s not your problem,” Dr. Jeremy Sherman reminds readers of Psychology Today. “Don’t pretend that your guesses about what motivates people are objective observations.  They’re always refracted through your own biases,” Sherman adds. For […]

Being the Type They Can Count On

In deciding whether to trust someone, we weigh two key characteristics, Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer explain in their book Friend and Foe – competence and warmth. Basically, we ask ourselves two questions: Does this person have the ability to follow through? Do they have my best interest at heart? Trust is a mightily important […]

Business Blogging Using Not-So-Trivial Trivia – Part B

This week I’m devoting my Say It For You blog posts to sharing some of the gems I discovered, in J.K. Kelly’s Book of Incredible Information. There seems to be an ongoing debate in the world of fashion about pantyhose. “The look will never be quite the same as it would be with a nude […]

You’d-Be-Surprised Blogging for Business

While strange-and-unusual lists help spark readers’ curiosity and keep them moving through our blog pages, as blog content writers we can’t stop there. We need to take readers to the next step, which is telling them about surprising things they can do and accomplish (with our professional help, of course!). For example, it’s all well […]

Strangest-Things Blogging for Business

You wouldn’t believe some of the strange things that get sent in the mail, says David Moye, writing in the Huffington Post. In fact, Moye explains, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not runs an annual Strange Mail Contest. The 2014 contest winner, for example, was a 19-pound tree trunk with a horseshoe embedded in it.  Ripley […]

Wouldn’t You Do It Every Single Blog?

“If you knew something as easy as adding images to your blog posts would increase your readers, subscribers, followers, and leads, wouldn’t you do it every single time?” asks Neil Patel of HubSpot.com. We live in an age of visual culture, observes Jeff Bullas.  In fact, Bullas points out, 10% of photos taken by humankind took […]

Cutting Blog Words Down to Size

National Geographic Kids collects quirky, fun facts, and this week’s Say It For You blog posts are based on some of these. I’ll bet you didn’t know this one: There is a hill in New Zealand named Raumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakotanatahu. (Really?) That’s enough to inspire hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (fear of long words) in any business blog content writer, I’d say, […]

“Iffy” Blog Content Writing

        National Geographic Kids collects quirky, fun facts. I like the ones presented as “ifs”. I think we blog content writers could sometimes present business information in that same thought-provoking format.  The “If”, I find, is what puts each fact into perspective and makes readers curious to learn more. “If you continued […]

Winning Traits of Innovative Blog Posts

Ray Anthony and Barbara Boyd wrote Innovative Presentations for Dummies to help speakers get their audiences committed and acting upon their requests. “Competition, technology, and the ever-tightening economy have made out-presenting your competitors more important than ever,” the authors caution professional speakers. That particular warning is one all of us blog content writers must heed, […]

Help Blog Readers Know the Difference Between Related and Causal

In statistics, variables are considered related if, when the value of one increases or decreases, so does the value of the other (even if it’s in the opposite direction). But does that mean one caused the other?  Not necessarily.  Only after investigating whether one action causes the other, explains the Australian Bureau of Statistics, can […]

Just Who Do You Think You’re Talking To

“What’s with the New Yawk accent?” asks Arika Okrent of Mental Floss magazine, referring to the well-known tendency of New Yorkers to drop their r’s.  In the 1960s, a Columbia University grad student named William Labov, hypothesizing that the missing r might be explained by social factors, tested his theory by visiting luxury department stores […]

Questions Readers Shouldn’t Need to Ask at an Open Blog

“The best way to find out if a school is a good match for your student and your family is to visit the school in person.” Great-Schools.org offers a list of questions to ask at the next open house: Does this school have a particular educational philosophy or mission? For blogs to be effective, they […]

Business Blogs Must Magnetize and Mesmerize Before Monetizing

Magnetizing, then mesmerizing your audience is all about you stepping out of the realm of mediocrity as a speaker or trainer and into the realm of magic, says Callan Rush, the self-dubbed Maven of Motivation. Only after those first two steps are accomplished, she explains, can any speaker monetize his/her business. I was struck by […]

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