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Is Your Business Blog Content TNAS?

  As part of my work in the tutoring lab at Ivy Tech Community College, it often falls to me to help students revise essay papers. Students may have submitted first drafts, then received their papers back from their instructor with notations and corrections. The student then has the opportunity to “fix” things and re-submit […]

Him/Her Blogging for Business

  “If you want your ex back, but you lash out against them in hurt and anger, they will probably have trouble getting over that,” Gene Morris assures readers in the little book You Can Get Your Ex Back.” Getting an ex back is not something I need help with just now. But as a […]

Don’t Let Your Blog Leave the Wrong “Effect”

“For all the changes to the algorithm Google goes through,” a blog content writer recently assured readers, “only a handful are significant and will effect your ranking – if even that.” Uh-oh – didn’t you mean “affect your ranking”? The verb “effect” means “to cause to come into being” or “to bring about. “When you […]

Does Your Blog Have Skeletons in its Verbal Closet?

  You’ll find skeletons in verbal closets, Bill Brohough says, and he devotes an entire book to helping us do just that in Unfortunate English: The Gloomy Truth Behind the Words You Use. Brohough alerts readers to the “improprieties, disgusting notions, licentiousness, and other foul thoughts” we speak daily without realizing it. I love “reading […]

In a Blog, is Someone One or Two?

“Beware of common grammatical mistakes, like subject-verb agreement,” cautions Helen Coster in Forbes. Rule to remember:  The number of the subject determines the number of the verb. Use a singular verb form after: Nobody Someone Everybody Neither Everyone Each Either “We can agree that a verb agrees with its subject in person and number,” The […]

If You Could Use Proper Grammar and Spelling, That’d Be “Grate”

Kimberly Joki, in her grammarly blog, lists some of the “worst writing mistakes you can make at work.” Even if you are someone who isn’t bothered by a misplaced comma, she says, there will inevitably be coworkers and clients who will notice and who will judge your quality of work by your mistakes, she points […]

Tips on Business Writing for Bloggers – Part B

  This week, I’m sharing Susan Adams’ “Ten Tips on Business Writing”, offered in Forbes Magazine, with my Say It For You readers (again, I’ve added my own thoughts in italics): Start by asking yourself what you want the person to do as a result of reading this post. Each business blog post should impart […]

Blogging the “Real Truth” About Your Business

Is coffee good or bad for you? Turns out the answer is quite complicated, as Jenn Wood explains in Mental Floss Magazine. “Excessive coffee consumption can lead to anxiety, depression, and frequency of psychophysiological disorders,” stated the journal article “Advances on Alcohol & Substance in 1984. Yet, by 2015. a study reported in “Heart” showed […]

Mind Tools for Business Bloggers

As part of our ongoing training for tutors at Ivy Tech, we were to read an article from Mind Tools about dealing with unhappy customers (the idea being to better equip us to handle the occasional unhappy Learning Lab student). It occurred to me that the material was well worth sharing with business blog content […]

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