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Him/Her Blogging for Business

  “If you want your ex back, but you lash out against them in hurt and anger, they will probably have trouble getting over that,” Gene Morris assures readers in the little book You Can Get Your Ex Back.” Getting an ex back is not something I need help with just now. But as a […]

Spend Time Adding Blog Value, Not Subtracting Typos

  “Don’t hire a proofreader for your blog,” is Michael Hyatt’s advice in the book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Why not? 1. It will delay “shipping” – Perfection is the mother of procrastination. 2. Blogs are not books – you can make corrections later and then immediately republish. 3. Even proofreaders don’t […]

In a Blog, is Someone One or Two?

“Beware of common grammatical mistakes, like subject-verb agreement,” cautions Helen Coster in Forbes. Rule to remember:  The number of the subject determines the number of the verb. Use a singular verb form after: Nobody Someone Everybody Neither Everyone Each Either “We can agree that a verb agrees with its subject in person and number,” The […]

Tips on Business Writing for Bloggers – Part A

As a business blog content writer, I found Susan Adams’ “Ten Tips on Business Writing”, offered in Forbes Magazine, almost made to order for bloggers.  Five of the tips have to do with word choice and ideas (I’ve added my own thoughts in italics): Start by writing short, declarative sentences. Short sentences have what I […]

Reading Along, Does Your Blog Whiz past?

When Adam Davis of Buzz Feed teaches you grammar, he first shows you a video clip in which some well known TV or movie actor is doing it wrong. She may not have split ends, but when the movie star says “You need to really focus”, that’s an example of a split infinitive.  Sure, when […]

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