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The Self-Help Checklist for Blog Content Writers

  This week, as I begin my thirteenth year of part-time tutoring at the Ivy Tech Community College English Learning Lab, I’m culling information from the Study Power Leader’s Guide the school offers as a resource to my students. The “Report Evaluation Worksheet”, I thought, was particularly apropos for blog content writers…. Has your topic […]

In a Blog, is Someone One or Two?

“Beware of common grammatical mistakes, like subject-verb agreement,” cautions Helen Coster in Forbes. Rule to remember:  The number of the subject determines the number of the verb. Use a singular verb form after: Nobody Someone Everybody Neither Everyone Each Either “We can agree that a verb agrees with its subject in person and number,” The […]

Blog Writing With the Oxford Comma

With the Say It For You focus this week on proper grammar and spelling for blog writers, I couldn’t resist mentioning the Oxford comma. The who? you ask. Wherever there’s a list of things, you’ll find commas to separate the items.  Provided you’re a believer in the Oxford or serial comma, you’d include it right […]

If You Could Use Proper Grammar and Spelling, That’d Be “Grate”

Kimberly Joki, in her grammarly blog, lists some of the “worst writing mistakes you can make at work.” Even if you are someone who isn’t bothered by a misplaced comma, she says, there will inevitably be coworkers and clients who will notice and who will judge your quality of work by your mistakes, she points […]

Blogging the “Real Truth” About Your Business

Is coffee good or bad for you? Turns out the answer is quite complicated, as Jenn Wood explains in Mental Floss Magazine. “Excessive coffee consumption can lead to anxiety, depression, and frequency of psychophysiological disorders,” stated the journal article “Advances on Alcohol & Substance in 1984. Yet, by 2015. a study reported in “Heart” showed […]

Blogging About What It Stands For

Harry Truman’s middle initial is S, but that S “doesn’t stand for anything”, I learned recently from my National Speakers Association friend Todd Hunt. Or does it? The S honors Truman’s grandfathers, Anderson Shipp Truman and Solomon Young, but Harry Truman himself had no middle name. Try explaining that to the Chicago Style Manual, people, […]

Does Your Blog Use Those Uncouth Bacilli?

Germans call them “little goose feet”, Hungarians refer to them as “cat claws”, the Danish as “goose eyes”.  In America we call them quotation marks, and, as you can see, they’ve been quite useful devices even this short distance into today’s Say It For You blog post. (Quotation marks can be used to denote technical terms, terms […]

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