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Blogging for Business Outside Your Own

    “Can authors write characters whose experiences are outside of their own?” That’s the very question posed by Diana M. Pho in her article “Through the Looking Glass” in Writer’s Digest.  Writing across difference is important, she says, since “the best fiction has the ability to transport readers into another’s shoes and make readers […]

Blog Content Writers help Readers Dodge Dangers

Redbook‘s holiday issue has a page blog content writers should see, titled “Dodge Common Dangers”.  There’s a “Trim With Care” section cautioning readers to: keep lit menorahs at least three feet away from flammable items avoid overloading the Christmas tree with strings of incandescent lights avoid running electrical cords under carpets or rugs put glass […]

Business Bloggers Can be Authors of Defining Moments

In The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact, authors Chimp and Dan Heath posit that there are certain brief experiences which jolt us, change us, and elevate us. What if a teacher could design a lesson he knew students would remember twenty years later, they ask.  What if a manager knew how to […]

In Business Blogs, Quotations Can Be a Good Idea

How good an idea is it to use quotations in your business blog? Very good, once you allow for certain caveats. You can use a quote to: reinforce your point show you’re in touch with trends in your field add value for readers (by aggregating different sources of information in one business blog) add variety […]

No Need for Those Serious, Sometimes Fatal Effects

“In recent months, the FDA has been talking with drugmakers, medical groups and consumer groups about ways to make (pharmaceutical) ads clearer and drive home the most important safety risks,” reported the Chicago Tribune on August 11th. As an example, reporter John Russell talks about Humira, the best-selling drug in the world, made by AbbVie […]

8 Ways to Find the Right Words for your Business Blog

“If you want to become a great writer, you need to understand how to choose words that will make your writing more vivid, precise, bold, original, and memorable,” says Stephen Wilbers in Writer’s Digest. People who write with authority,”Wilbers adds, “are people who pay attention to language.” Wilbers offers 8 wordsmithing tips (every one of […]

Don’t-Worry-We-Organized-Them-For-You Blogging for Business

“Turns out someone left a whole world of ridiculously interesting facts out there. Don’t worry! We organized them for you,” Mental Floss magazine editors assure readers. How? Well in the May-June issue, seemingly diverse pieces of information are organized by tens: “10 Ways Beauty Gave History a Makeover: covers topics ranging from pharma discoveries based […]

Going for Words that Sell in Business Blog Writing

  I like calling attention to books I’ve come across that are must-reads for business blog content writers, and Words That Sell, by Richard Bayan certainly falls in the must-read category. Words, after all, are our basic tools in conveying our business message to online readers. After all, as I remember social media consultant Jason […]

Your Blog Has Three Jobs: Solve. Excite. Speak

  “Things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince!” Those rather unoriginal observations are attributed to Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen, the company that gets heads turning with Frog Prince, “a remarkable lilypad green lipstick that transforms lips into a pretty rosebud pink”. […]

Stop Asking for More in Business Blogs

  “The more information you offer to people, the more likely they’ll be confused.  When people are confused, they don’t become customers,” warns Neil Patel in his quicksprout.com blog. I couldn’t help remembering those words while enjoying the humor in a recent Dilbert comic strip. Carol’s  babysitter canceled, but Wally said “I will not watch […]

Tips on Business Writing for Bloggers – Part B

  This week, I’m sharing Susan Adams’ “Ten Tips on Business Writing”, offered in Forbes Magazine, with my Say It For You readers (again, I’ve added my own thoughts in italics): Start by asking yourself what you want the person to do as a result of reading this post. Each business blog post should impart […]

Recommended Reading for Blog Content Writers – Part D

My “bloggers’ recommended reading list” is something I’ve been putting together for a decade. My most recent three Say It For You blog posts focused on books about writing, about tidbit treasures, and about selling techniques. In this final post of the series, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of writing content geared towards online readers. […]

Recommended Reading for Blog Content Writers – Part C

My “bloggers’ recommended reading list” is something I’ve been putting together for almost ten years. Last week’s Say It For You blog posts focused on books about writing and books about tidbit treasures. but in today’s post, I’ll share links to books about selling. As a corporate blogging trainer, I use the word “selling” in […]

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