Spam Comment Remedies for Business Blogs

For advice on the issue of the spam comment “attacks” that tend to plague newly created blog pages, I turned to friend Jeremy Politt of the ITeam . Jeremy was kind enough to share some of the following information for the benefit of Say It For You readers:

Jeremy starts out by admitting that there is no definitive way to stop SPAM comments 100%.

However, there are a couple of steps business owners can take when first setting up their blog platform:

  • Don’t automatically accept comments. Comments can still be submitted, but you can at least review them and decide whether to publish them.
  • Include a “Captcha” (you know, where they have to type in a set of numbers or letters to prove they’re human, not a digital SPAM machine gun.)
  • There are free or very inexpensive plug-in software solutions that filter keywords in comments to test if they’re legit. Jeremy was nice enough to provde this link to a list of plug-ins:

According to anti-spam service Askimet, at least 80% of all comments posted to blogs are spam.

Have you been having this very problem on your business blog? (Isn’t it nice to be noticed? LOL)


“Jeremy Pollitt is the Founder and President of ITeam.  ITeam provides customized internet marketing solutions to small and medium sized business for the last 7 years.  ITeam has a proven track record of helping business getting greater exposure on the internet.  Click here to contact Jeremy.