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Selling Dreams Through Blog Marketing

  “Apple’s strategy involves selling their consumers a global package of dreams, personal experiences, and status,” explains Camila Villafañe of Postcron.com. “Apple is different from all other brands because for Steve Jobs, consumers weren’t just consumers, they were people. People with dreams, hopes, and ambitions, and he got Apple to create products to help them […]

The Hire or DIY Decision in Blogging

  Should you hire an accountant or do your own taxes? That’s the Point/Counterpoint question John Peragine tackles in Speaker Magazine this month. “Don’t hire” responses included: “Organized people can do their own taxes.” “I’m a trained CPA, so I don’t need outside help.” “Yes” responses included: “Tax professionals know their stuff.” “I hate taxes […]

Accentuate the Negative?

  “Eliminate the negative an’ latch on to the affirmative” was Johnny Mercer’s musical advice back in 1945. Playing to one’s strengths has, in fact, been a popular fad in management development circles. As a blog content writer, though, sometimes I wonder. The latest issue of Modern Dog magazine features eight article titles on its […]

We’ll Say It For You – “Happy New Year!”

Hard to believe, but my little ghost-blogging and content writing company, Say It For You, is celebrating its eighth New Year’s today! Our content, some 20,0000 unique writing selections by now, may be found in clients’ corporate brochures  and website pages, in press releases, “nurturing emails” and Facebook posts. Primarily, though, our pieces populate the […]

Catalogs and Blogs – Not To Sell Product, But to Inspire

In our digital age, you’d think hard-copy product catalogs would have become obsolete.  But, as Molly Soat explains in Marketing News, catalogs are still very much alive and well.  That’s because, Soat explains, companies are “leveraging the content marketing power of catalogs to offer customers ideas and inspiration extending well beyond a brand’s product portfolio”. […]

Business Blogging Using Body Language Awareness

Improvement is always possible, was the guiding principle behind the communication system developed by family therapist Virginia Satir. Satir felt that if we became more alert to others’ body language, we would be better able to deal with them and turn conflicts into win-win situations. The Five Positions refer to body language that conveys the […]

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