Inviting Blog Readers to Learn What You Live By

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Of the 17 best examples of business blog design cited by Carolyn Edgecomb of, the one I think best embodies a point I emphasize to blog content writers is the Zappos website. “If you thought their blog was only going to talk about shoes, you’re sorely mistaken,” Edgecomb points out, because Zappos transitioned their blog to an “outlet for inspiration and everyday life.”

What we live by
Readers are invited to discover the ten core values central to the way the company does business, including building open and honest relationships, doing more with less, and being passionate and determined, and pursuing growth and learning.

Tony Hsieh Unlaced
Readers are invited to “walk a mile in the CEO’s shoes, discovering downtown Vegas from his point of view.

The Zappos blog is really a wonderful example of the fact that, in business blog posts, as compared to brochures, ads, or even the website itself, it’s easier to communicate the unique personality and core beliefs of the business owners.  Over time, in fact, a business blog becomes the “voice” of the corporate culture, whether the “corporation” (or partnership or LLC) consists of one person or many. In fact, when I’m “meeting” a business through its blog, I like to get a sense that the owners are tuned in to the bigger picture of what’s going on in their industry and to what’s happening the everyday world around them. I want to know what they “make of it all” from their little corner.

True, every online content writer must focus on what’s relevant to the searcher’s query. Yet, the more revealing the blog is of the owner’s slant on what’s going on – and what should be going on and how – the more engaging and interesting I’m likely to find that business’ blog posts.

The lesson I “preach” at Say It For You is that the content has to show searchers they’ve come to the right place to get what they’re after, and also show those searchers that the information, services, and products you have to offer are a good fit. But, as the old sales mantra goes,– “They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!”

Invite blog readers to learn what you live by!