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Start By Being on Their Side

In his 30-second “elevator speech” introducing himself at our InfoConnect2 networking meeting, fellow member Cody Lents shared something I think blog content writers need to hear. Most sales processes, Cody said, go as follows: Here’s what we have to offer…. Here’s how it works….. Here’s how it can help you…… What do you think?….. In […]

What’s-Really-in-Your Blogging For Business

There’s a reason the cover of Consumer Reports has a picture of a cow on the cover of this month’s issue, along with this very compelling question: “What’s Really In Your Meat?”  Titles catch the eye (that one certainly did mine) and set up readers’ expectations for what kind of content they’ll find if they […]

Business Blog Title Threesomes

  A couple of years ago at Say It For You, I began calling attention to the idea of using certain literary devices in business blog titles with an eye to making them more “catchy”.  In addition to alliteration, a second creative writing technique is “threesomes”. The same Fortune magazine that used those ten alliterative […]

Opening Gambits in Blogging for Business

  When you’re serving up seventeen articles about the very same topic, how do you keep things different and engaging? It’s all in the opening lines, I discovered, looking through TIME’s special edition, The Science of Exercise. Of course, that’s hardly “new news” – I’ve always stressed to new content writers that opening lines have […]

Still More About Words to use in Blogging for Business

It’s the one lesson blog content writers can never afford to forget – the right words are our business blogging power tools. Sure, images (pictures, video clips, infographics) have power of their own.  But never forget that, in blogging, words matter, as Jennifer Olney of bealeader.com points out. Words are art, Olney emphasizes, and, as […]

Why and Why-Not Blogging for Business

  Aliens would probably come to Earth in peace, quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili assures readers in his book Aliens, proceeding to bust no fewer than five commonly held myths-from-the-movies about encounters with visitors from other planets. The author uses scientific knowledge to debunk each myth: Aliens will eat us. No, because, in order for them […]

We’ve All Heard the Naysayers

“We’ve all heard the naysayers – they argue that speechwriting is losing relevance in a world of unscripted comments and 140-character attention spans”, reads the invitation to the 2017 Speechwriters Conference. The reality, Ragan explains is that organizations need thoughtful communicators more than ever. Importantly, all three skill areas on which the speechwriter’s conference promises […]

Cover the Blog Genre Gamut

“Don’t be afraid to write in tried-and-true blog genres,” Gary DeAsi and Evan Stone advised their fellow financial planners as part of the FPA Practice Management Solutions Magazine almost three years ago, listing eight kinds of blogs they called “proven attention getters’”: Advice Collections and top lists Reviews Predictions Motivation Trouble-shooting Interviews Editorial/ Personal reflection […]

More About Using Skeletons to Bring Life to Your Blog

In the delightful little book Unfortunate English: The Gloomy Truth Behind the Words You Use, you can find a treasure chest of fun ideas for livening up business blog posts. Author Bill Brohough alerts readers to the fact that many of the words we use daily used to have very war-related, sexually oriented, or even […]

Establishing Order on the Planet of Your Blog

“Establish order on the planet of your blog by using proven structures for your blog posts,” advises Tracy Gold of the Content Marketing Institute. Gold suggests a few possible blog post frameworks: Q and A Case study Comparison/metaphor Yes/No debate Q and A I tell new Indianapolis blog content writers that, in creating content for […]

What Do Blog Readers Need Out of Our Blog Content

What do we need at work? That’s the question Carla Hill, responsible for leading Business Furniture’s New Business Development teams, knows marketers must be able to answer.  Hill’s years as a learning and development consultant have helped her put together the following list of what each employee needs in the workplace: people who help me […]

Choosing Healthy Blogging Habits

Nurses and chiropractors should have some good ideas on healthy habits, I thought. Sure enough, I found four blogs that I think are examples of effective blog marketing. “Modern Scrubs for Nurse Practitioners” is a blog post written by Melissa DeCapua. It was an interesting choice for me, because, while the post is informational, it’s […]

A Business Blog Needs Words

“Blogging has become the best possible way to leverage your online presence and gain traction with Internet searches performed by your potential clients.”(No surprise there, but what I did find surprising is the source of the remark – none other than the National Association of Realtors!) The realtor website went on to repeat the modern […]

Business Blogging Using Not-So-Trivial Trivia – Part A

Writing blog posts on any one topic over long periods of time can get old, as any business owner or professional practitioner can tell you.  And, yes, even we seasoned professional blog content creators have a need to infuse new energy into the process from time to time. That’s precisely where the weird and wonderful tidbits […]

You’d-Be-Surprised Blogging for Business

While strange-and-unusual lists help spark readers’ curiosity and keep them moving through our blog pages, as blog content writers we can’t stop there. We need to take readers to the next step, which is telling them about surprising things they can do and accomplish (with our professional help, of course!). For example, it’s all well […]

Blogger Writing Basics

The ideas highlighted in this week’s Say It For You blog posts were sparked by Tony Rossiter’s Effective Business Writing in Easy Steps.  “Whether you’re drafting a lengthy company report or sending a short email to colleagues, it’s vital to get it right,” cautions Rossiter, defining “right” as meaning clear and concise prose, in a […]

Cutting Blog Words Down to Size

National Geographic Kids collects quirky, fun facts, and this week’s Say It For You blog posts are based on some of these. I’ll bet you didn’t know this one: There is a hill in New Zealand named Raumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakotanatahu. (Really?) That’s enough to inspire hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (fear of long words) in any business blog content writer, I’d say, […]

Blog About Both Kinds of Goodwill

When you’re looking to buy or sell a business, Troy Patton of Archer Investments explained at the Financial Planning Association, one really important factor to weigh is goodwill.  How much of the business’ goodwill is “enterprise” and how much is “personal”? Professional business valuator Linton Kotzin agrees. “Segregating the intangible value of a company between […]

In Business Coaching or Blogs, It’s All About Time, People, & Production

Whether things are going wrong or right for an organization or business almost always has to do with time, people, and production, explains executive and corporate coach Kim Stoneking. Are the people working well together?  Is everyone’s thinking aligned on best practices for that business or practice? Is work completed on time?  Are the products […]

Trying for Incomplete in Blogging for Business

“In blogging, it’s important to blog about a particular topic without being complete,” says Lou Dubois in Inc. “If it’s conversational as a blog is supposed to be, you get a chance to say one thing or one idea, and then it’s your customer’s turn to talk or respond.” “Successful bloggers are focused on their […]

The Royal “We” in Business Blogging

“When Roman consuls spoke of public issues, they did so on behalf of all those with whom they shared power, and so they used the royal pronoun ‘we” instead of the singular,” Doug Lennon explains in The Little Book of Answers.  Then King Richard I began to use the “royal we”, implying that he was […]

Serving Up Different Varieties of Posts in Your Business Blog

I don’t know about keeping up with the Heinz 57 standard, but business blog posts do come in different varieties. It’s generally a good idea to toggle back and forth among those varieties over time, just to keep repeat visitors engaged (and yourself from getting bored). Rich Brooks of socialmediaexaminer.com certainly concurs.  In fact, Brooks […]

Blogging to Tell Them What to Think About

Hara Estroff Marano, writing in Psychology Today, says she won’t tell you what to think, but will tell you what to think about.  While in this article the psychologist is offering food for thought in the sphere of dating and self-motivation, I couldn’t help but love that line of hers, realizing how very apropos it […]

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