Take A Blog Tip From Einstein: Gain Renown Through Review

Brilliant as he was, Albert Einstein still needed to get to the top of the scientific search list.  So, how did Einstein, who started his career as an obscure patent clerk, do it?  How did he come out of nowhere, I mean, to be known the world over for his Theory of Relativity? Well, recently I read a fascinating theory about that in, of all places, The Journal of Financial Planning.  (By way of explanation, before my Say It For You ghost blogger days, I wrote financial planning columns under my own byline and was a practicing Certified Financial Planner®. )

Journal editor Lance Ritchlin explained one secret of the Einstein success story – Albert Einstein spent a lot of time and effort reviewing other people’s work.  In 1905, Ritchlin informs us, the same year Einstein’s own writing changed the universe, he’d submitted more than twenty reviews of other scientists’ papers. As a result of these connections, several people became aware of his work, most notably Max Plank, editor of the respected physics journal Annalen der Physik.  In short, Ritchin opines, Einstein got to the top by commenting on others’ work, in that manner calling attention to his own research efforts.

Smart bloggers for business can take a tip from this 1921 Nobel Peace Prize winner.  It’s not enough to write and post blogs (or to hire a professional ghost writer to do it for you); it’s important that you also read what others are saying in blogs and in the press about your field.  “Review” those other blogs by posting comments.  Mention others’ observations in your blog.  If there are bloggers whose writing you especially enjoy, create a mutual link between your websites.  Your own blog content will be all the richer for this back-and-forth sharing.  What’s more, you’re likely to win the wholehearted approval of the search engines; you’ll notice that “approval” in the form of upward movement of your blog in the rankings!
Blogs calling blogs, moving from review to renown…what a win-win strategy, discovered by none other than the great physicist himself!


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