Teaching Business Blog Readers to Mind-Trip

The wonderful little e-newsletter from performers Christian and Katalina is a perfect example of something I stress to blog content writers in Indianapolis: Don’t be afraid to “give away” your knowledge.

It happens often at Say It For You blogging services interviews: When I’m discussing with business owners or professional practitioners what kind of content they want brought to their potential customers, those owners express fear of “giving away the store”.  If they demonstrate the steps that make up their process, they fear, would-be customers might decide to do it themselves instead of becoming clients.

Apparently Christian and Katalina aren’t concerned their readers will turn into competitors.  The entire content of the newsletter, in fact, consists of teaching readers like me a magic trick that will have our friends believing we have super-powers. And, as a corporate blogging trainer, I understand why that was a smart move on the entertainers' part.

C & K know I like magic shows, (or I wouldn’t be signed up for their newsletter to begin with!) Could I follow the steps to mind-trip my friends into believing I’m starting a new career as a gambler because I can tell whether the coin hidden in their hand is heads-up or tails-up? Um….maybe, but never with the pizzazz and expertise of the masters, which is what makes C & K’s shows so interesting to me.

Similarly, I can reassure business owners getting ready to launch an SEO marketing blog that the only people who are going to notice their blog are the ones already interested in that topic. “Giving away” knowledge showcases the owners’ experience and expertise rather than threatening it in any way.

So, go ahead – give your readers a mind-tripping “peek behind the curtain”, show them how it’s done.  More often than not, readers want to get it done, not by themselves, but by the expert you’ve shown you are!

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