The Challenges Of Attracting The “Unblogged”

We ghost bloggers are marketing specialists, to be sure, but, at least for me, a lot of the pleasure of my profession comes from working with words.  Whether I’m reading a newspaper article, skimming through a magazine during my pedicure, or even taking notice of billboard slogans, it gives me a special kick to discover "word tidbits".

The other day, in USA Today, I read a feature story about cities that are offering incentives to banks to get them to offer services to low income residents.  This is a really serious topic, because many people are getting into deep financial trouble by using liquor stores, check cashing establishments, and payday loans for their financial transactions.  The headline of the article was "Bank On Programs Work With Challenges of Unbanked."

The reason "unbanked" is so effective a tidbit is that it captures a whole complex of issues in just one word.  In a way, that’s precisely the effect you want your company blog posts to have. 
Your potential customer is searching, scanning various pages until something causes an "Aha!" reaction.  Had the USAToday headline mentioned "people who don’t have bank accounts", for example, I doubt I’d have read the article.  "Unbanked" – now that was engaging!

In blog marketing, of course, key words play a role in winning search engine rankings.  But there’s so much more than that, I think, to using words as tools to engage blog readers.  In the business world in general, I find, we get tied up in making our products or in providing service to our customers and clients, and sometimes forget how much help the right words can be.

Blogging can be an absolutely indispensable marketing tool, but too often, business owners and professionals remain unblogged, mostly for lack of time.  After all, word tidbits aren’t likely to appear near the top of most business owners’ "To-do lists"!

A professional ghost blogger can help the "unblogged" business owner unleash the power of words to bring in business!


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