The Foley Effect of Blogs

listenThen National Speakers’ Association President Lou Heckler reminded speakers to start planning a speech with the end in mind – What exactly do you want your listeners to think, feel, or do?

As a corporate blogging trainer and ghost blogger, I would say that very question is an excellent way to begin planning each post in business blog writing as well. It’s almost axiomatic that business owners use their SEO marketing blog to attract online readers. 

The answer to the question about what they want their readers to do is also a given – convert into customers!  Prominent neurologist Richard Restak‘s work offers insights into how blog content writers can help make that happen. While vision is in fact our primary human sense, Restak explains, sound is the primary conveyor of emotion.

When it comes to marketing strategy and tactics development for corporate blogs, it’s useful to learn about Foley effects. Back in the 50’s, a film editor named Jack Foley assembled a studio specifically for creating movie sound effects, using everyday items as resources. Today’s "Foley artists" use sound effects in RV and movies that are often more convincing than the original. As Dr. Restak notes, when you watch a sitcom with the sound off, it’s difficult to follow the story line, but if you can hear the sound with no picture, it’s much easier to understand what’s happening, because of the emotions aroused through hearing.

If there’s one part of Lou Hecker’s question that bears repeating as I offer business blogging assistance, it’s how important it is to craft a blog post keeping in mind what readers will feel (not so much think) about your business after reading what you have to say. That’s why effective writing for business must turn statistics into stories, and facts into feelings.

An advertorial (which is what a business blog essentially consists of), just like the sound track of a TV show, must have online readers mentally painting themselves into your arena, using your products or services, feeling the satisfaction of a good decision, a healthier or safer lifestyle, a more attractive appearance, successes in their careers….

Can your blog posts pass the Foley Effect test?

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