The Value of Mom in Blog Content Writing

“Never thought of it that way” is exactly the type of reader reaction you’re after as a business blog content writer. To convey the value a product or service can have for a prospective buyer, try this tactic: translate a benefit that isn’t typically thought of in dollar terms into just that – dollars and cents.

The other day I found a wonderful example of this very tactic in the “Stat Bank” section of The Journal of Financial Planning. According to common household tasks and wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, I learned, the value of Mom in 2013 is $59,862 a year. (That statistic certainly evoked a “never-thought-of-it-that-way” response from me as a mom, anyway.)

 “Business is the activity of creating value. That is what you get paid to do. Customers do not want your products and services – they want what those products and services will do for them. Business people must learn to become value creators,” points out Dr. Ian Brooks. “Compete on value, not price,” adds Brooks.

As a corporate blogging trainer, though, I can see where freelance blog content writers can turn that advice on its head by using the ‘Stat Bank’ tactic – assign a dollar value to something readers are not used to thinking of in dollar terms at all.

Now, if through providing blogwriting services to you, I can use that dollar-denominated value “surprise” to capture a blog visitor’s interest by showing useful – and unexpected – ways your company's expertise or product line can be of value in money saved and satisfaction gained, you've got a good chance of converting a "Never thought of it that way" reader into an  "I want to know more!" online buyer!

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