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Luxury Cruise Ship in Port

Yes, I admit it – I tried for the $1.5 Powerball jackpot and lost. Have to add, though, that I really couldn’t relate to that big a dollar figure – couldn’t even imagine dollars in the billions. Billions. Until, that is, I read the USA Today list of “5 Things that $1.5 Billion Powerball Jackpot Can Buy”:

  • A fleet of 23 Gulfstream 6650 jets
  • 42,000 nights’ stay at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai
  • A flotilla of five “super yachts”
  • A parking lot full of Tesla Model S electric cars, one for each of your 21,097 closest friends.

Ah, NOW, I got it!  And, while I’m not sure Dubai would be my destination of choice, just seeing that list made that humongous number come alive for me.

That same concept applies to blogging for business, I’m convinced.  Each claim a content writer puts into a corporate blog needs to be put into context for the reader, so that the claim not only is true, but feels true to online visitors and in such a way that readers can picture themselves using the product or service.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating for me to say, based on my own experience reading all types of marketing blogs, that very few manage to convey to visitors what the information means to them. Imagine those readers asking themselves “How will I use the product?  How much will I use? How often? Where? What will it look like?  How will I feel?”

$1.5 billion wasn’t real to me until that enterprising USAToday journalist Charisse Jones helped make it real by translating the dollars into stuff those dollars could buy.

Try focusing your blog posts on the results your readers can have as a consequence of using your product, your service, or your know-how:

  • things they could buy
  • things they could enjoy
  • things they could accomplish
  • ways they can feel
  • looks they can achieve

Put your readers in that “Gulfstream jet” of anticipation of wonderful results!

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