Tie In Tidbits and “So What’s” in Blogging for Business

Last week in my Say It For You blog, I used examples from three different websites, all related to bedroom furniture companies, to illustrate three different blog content writing “lessons”:

Consistently posting blog content to capture prospects’ attention at the precise moment when those prospects have a need (Furniture Today)

Using blog posts to share company news and announcements (American Freight)

Reinforcing customer loyalty and gaining credibility through publishing testimonials as part of a corporate blog (Bedroom Furniture Portland)

Today, though, I want to use a bedroom furniture blog post to illustrate a business blog writing technique that was not used very effectively.

First, let me explain that, in corporate blogging training sessions, I often recommend including interesting information on topics related to your business (or, if you’re a freelance blog content writer, related to the client’s business). If you can provide information most readers wouldn’t be likely to know, so much the better, I add.  Tidbits and “startling statistics” are important in blogging for business, because that information helps engage online readers’ interest.

The La Pallissa bedroom furniture company blog started out with some fascinating information, enhanced with photos:

 “Ready to learn something today?  A Masia is a type of rural construction common to the Iberian Peninsula, particularly during the ancient Kingdom of Aragon…”

So, what’s the problem here?  If the information is so interesting and unusual, why do I think La Pallissa writers might use some business blogging help?  Because the information is never tied to the reader’s problem or need.  Because there’s no call to action. Because there’s not a word of that blog content that says why the writer cares about that information or why that information could make a difference to readers.

We’re never told that the Aragonians were used to sleeping on stone, rather than expecting the kind of firm softness that modern and luxurious La Pallissa products would provide. All the blogger does is end with the question: “What do you think of this earthy and modern architectural specimen?”

A reminder for Indianapolis blog content writers: Online searchers must be assured they’ve come to the right place to find the information, products, and services they need. Without guidance, those searchers are unlikely to make the connection between Aragon home construction and the bedroom furniture they might buy! 

Create a clear thought path – from those fascinating tidbits in your business blog writing to the benefits online readers stand to gain, Tie your tidbits to the answers to readers’ “So what?” and “Now what?” questions.

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