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Woman’s Day Magazine has a section called “Solutions Tip Talk”. The tip topic this time was toothpaste, normally not a theme designed to pique my interest.  It was the title of the piece, “5 Uses For Toothpaste” that reeled me in.  Fascinating.  Just last week I’d posted a blog specifically warning against cramming corporate blogs with too much information about the benefits of a product or service.

But here’s the thing:  This toothpaste mini-article was effective using a list because not one of those five uses on the list was anything anybody (well, maybe Martha or Heloise) would’ve ever thought of.  Had you thought of using toothpaste to remove crayon marks, whiten sneakers, buff DVDs, defog goggles, or deodorize hands after peeling onions or garlic? It was a “Who knew?” experience, I’ll tell you, reading that little article.

I realized there was a lesson here for me as a ghost blogger.  If I can get your blog to capture an Internet browser’s interest with useful – and unexpected – ways the expertise or product line your company has to offer can help customers, we’ve got a good chance of converting a “Gee, who knew?” browser into a website visitor wanting to know more!

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