To Be An Olympian Business Blog Writer, You Gotta Have Sole

“Your chances of joining the Winter Games are about 1 in 35 million,” Mental Floss Magazine wants you to know.  What’s more, “training, genetics, and technique will only get you so far. To win a medal, you need the right kicks.”

Since “reading around” is one of the commandments I teach newbie Indianapolis blog content writers, and since Mental Floss is such an absolute embarrassment of riches in the trivia department, I can’t resist sharing two tips from the article “So You Want to Be an Olympian”:

1.  While you’ve but a smidgen of a chance of joining the Olympics, “you can swing the odds by picking a slightly more obscure sport.”

“In the strictest sense of the word, your competitors are striving towards the same goal as you. However, that doesn’t mean they’re targeting the exact same buyer persona as you are,” explains Tatiana Liubarets of Knowing our target market and focusing on our readers' specific needs helps us content writers swing the odds.

2.   You need the right “kicks, meaning the right tools. “The blades on speed skating boots are hinged at the toe and swing freely at the heel, generating the extra push skaters need. For short-track speed skating, the blades curve in the direction of the turn, making it easier to corner at high speeds, Luge competitors wear aerodynamic booties to keep their legs up and feet straight, while bobsledders were shoes studded with metal spikes for grip on the starting sprint.”

 ”Those that post blogs more frequently rank higher on Google or other search engines than those businesses that post only occasionally. Recent blogs rank higher than old content. But what's so important to understand is that the system values cumulative content. A business that has blogged for a year will rank higher than a competitor who's just begun to blog.”

When I posted those words a couple of years ago, it was two Google algorithm changes ago. “Today Google’s algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals or clues that make it possible to guess what you might really be looking for. These signals include things like the terms on websites, the freshness of content, your region and PageRank,” explains

To be an Olympian business blogger, you’ve gotta have skill AND “sole”!

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