Trying for Incomplete in Blogging for Business

one piece of a whole“In blogging, it’s important to blog about a particular topic without being complete,” says Lou Dubois in Inc. “If it’s conversational as a blog is supposed to be, you get a chance to say one thing or one idea, and then it’s your customer’s turn to talk or respond.”

“Successful bloggers are focused on their audience and readers as they move out from behind the podium,” says Liz Strauss. “They come in with a beginner’s mind and aren’t afraid to say ‘I’m learning’ as they talk to others and improve.”

That “beginner’s mind” thing really struck a chord with me.  Nine-plus years ago, when I was an experienced writer but very new to blogging, I would attend seminars, read blogs and books about blog content writing and then share that material with readers even as I was learning it myself. (And that, as Paul Harvey used to say, is “the rest of the story” of the Say It For You blog.)

The idea of blogging about your topic (your business or practice) without being complete is an important one on several counts:

  • You cover one aspect of the topic, then link to another blog content writer’s comments about the subject you’re covering, showing that you stay in touch with others in your industry or profession.
  • You leave room to cover other aspects of the topic in future blog posts.
  • Your readers are “learning along with you,” rather like a travel agent who’s experiencing a location for the first time, along with her group.
  • Readers have reason to “put in their two cents”.

The “beginner’s mind” template might appear at first to be a direct contradiction to a piece of advice I often offer to clients and blog content writers, which is to establish themselves as thought  leaders in their field.

Actually, there’s no contradiction.  As business owners or professional practitioners (or perhaps as the blog content writers for those clients), we need to come across as “real”.  Yes, we have knowhow and experience to share, but, along with our readers, we learn something new every day.

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