Un-mixing Them Up In Your Blog

If you think the Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis is a branch at the IU campus in Bloomington, or that it’s IUPUI’s law school, you’re not alone – just about everyone confuses the two law schools, explains Norm Heiken of the Indianapolis Business Journal in "The Other Law School". Law school dean Gary Roberts has the burden of forging a separate identity for his law school:

  • Mail is often misdelivered.
  • Students apply to the wrong admissions office.
  • The media mix the two schools up.

As a professional ghost blogger and business blogging trainer, I’d have to say all businesses face somewhat the same challenge of differentiating themselves from their competitors. Your website can begin the task by describing in some detail ways your business is unique.

A business blog can "flesh out" the distinguishing details:

  • Special pricing or fee structure
  • Additional services that are part of the package you offer
  • Your unique approach within your industry

I remember my grandmother repeating (today we might consider this sexist, but the saying made perfect sense to her) "A woman’s work is never done." It occurs to me that, in a very positive sense, a blogger’s work is never done, because there’s time in other blog posts to chisel, to hone, to correct, to add, to differentiate. As you continue to work on your business brand, your blog can keep up with your evolving mission and image.



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