What’s Your Blogging Type?

Letterpress alphabet“A picture is worth a thousand words, but your font choice can make quite the statement, too,” writes Christine Birkner in Marketing News. “Font styles are messaging cues, and serve as important branding elements,” Birkner adds.

For my Say It For You blog, I chose to use Arial, a popular sans serif font. While there’s a variety of decorative fonts that look good as headlines, writingspaces.com points out, for the main font of your blog, you should pick between a serif and a sans serif body text font.  What’s the difference? A serif is the little extra curve or stroke at the ends of letters.  Sans (without) serif has no extra strokes.

“Many people feel that sans serif fonts look ‘cleaner’ and more ‘modern’, writingspaces observes, and I agree. Some say serif fonts are more readable in print, while sans serif fonts are easier to read on computer screens (once again, I agree).

Brands often use different fonts for different products. Coca-Cola, I learned, uses different fonts for Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. For us freelance blog content writers, the font we use should match the image projected on the client’s website. If the site is more traditional, you may want to use a more traditional serif font for the blog.  If the client seems to project a more hip, modern look, that blog may be most effective in a sans serif font.

For your personal blogging purposes, Christine Birkner suggests you choose a font that is parallel your speaking style.  “If you’re happy speaking in a quiet, hushed tone, then choose a light, delicate font,” she says.  But, if you want a typeface that’s going to be in the marketplace a long period of time, choosing one that’s easy to read is important, she points out.

What’s your blogging type?

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