Your Ghost Blogger is Your Voice-Over Talent

There I was, mixing-and-mingling at a Dance Kaleidoscope fundraiser a couple of weeks ago. Nibbling hors d’oeuvres, I was enjoying a chat with a small group of people when a young man approached.  Recognizing we’d met somewhere before (but not remembering my name), he offered, "I’ve met you – you’re the voice-over lady!" Well, that impromptu opener certainly suggested an interesting perspective on what I do as a professional ghost blogger!

The dictionary definition of voice-over is "a production technique where a voice which is not part of the narrative is used in a radio, television, film, theatre, or other presentation. The voice-over may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a specialist voice actor."

A ghost blogger is a specialist – in writing, and in particular, writing for the Web, posting short, engaging pieces using keyword phrases with consistency over extended periods of time. Most business owners lack the time to keep up that effort.

A ghost blogger serves as a "reporter". Television news, according to Wikipedia, is often presented as a series of video clips of newsworthy events, with the reporters describing the significance of the scenes shown through voice-overs. A skillful ghost blogger for business offers blog visitors a more personal and even a more analytical perspective on the information they might find on the company website.  The information may be available through the website, but the ghost blogger’s challenge is to helps readers understand the "So what?" and why the information could be meaningful for them.

A ghost blogger is a translator.  Television voice-overs are used in several European countries as an alternative to dubbing entire dialogues, to make the program material more understandable in different localities (Wikipendia).In a way, I think, business ghost-bloggers "translate" the corporate message into terms with which target audiences can best relate.

Anyway, I think my young acquaintance may not have been far afield in his description after all.  Next time you introduce your professional ghost blogger – go ahead and say, "Please meet Rhoda, our company’s voice-over talent!


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