Your Products Are Your Business; Your Message is MY Business, Says Indiana Blog Content Writer

 “Your age is your business; your face is my business,” is the mantra for Lisa Nesbitt, director of Mary Kay Cosmetics in Indianapolis.

There’s a similar relationship between me and my Say It For You clients. You’re a business owner or a professional practitioner (doctor, CPA, attorney).  The products and services you offer are your business. As your professional ghost blogger, conveying your message to online readers and clients is my business.

Most business owners and professionals are clear that the potential benefits of corporate blogging are substantial, but for one (or sometimes all) of three reasons, they haven’t been able to make their blog keep happening: no time, no motivation to make it a priority, no talent to apply to business blogging.

This using of professional copy writers to create business blog content, is it smart business?, asks Robin Hale of, answering her own question in a decisive affirmative. In fact, without delegating the task of bringing your voice and your brand value to a target audience, she warns, you “can’t expect to grow beyond the limited number of tasks you can accomplish on your own. Ghost writers, bloggers, and even ghost tweeters are valued resources that will clear your plate and allow you to further carry out the plan and growth of your business,” she adds.

Does that mean those making use of a business blogging service provider can take the attitude of “Wake me up when it’s over”?  Of course not, as I stress to business owners in the course of Indianapolis corporate blogging training sessions.

Mary Kay asks its customers to select the statement that reflects how they like to express their values:

  • I go for earthy shades that reflect nature and add a soft hue to my natural skin tone
  • I like a polished look overall with shades that enhance my skin tone
  • I like to play with vivid colors that contrast with my skin tone.

Based on the client’s own unique tastes and preferences, the cosmetic professional creates the palette. In similar vein, whenever I’m sitting down with business owners as we’re preparing to launch their SEO marketing blog, together we select several recurring themes or blog leitmotifs to appear and reappear over time in their blog posts. The discussion centers around their expertise and their knowledge of their target market.  I and my writers are merely converting those discussions into business blog content.

The interesting thing I’ve found over the years of business blogging is that the very exercise of thinking through the themes and the ideas for the blog helps train the business owner or practitioner to articulate those same things when they’re talking to their customers!  I call this “magic” the “training benefit” of corporate blogging. In a very real sense, as I handle the blog content creation that is my business, it helps you do your business better!



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