Your Worst Business Blog Post is 100% Better Than the Ones Never Posted!

runnerThe words of 50-kilometer running champion Josh Cox, “Remember, your worst run is always 100 percent better than the person who never tries,” are words I wish everyone blogging for business would tack up on their computer. As Runners’ World Magazine points out, “You’ll never regret going for a run, but you’ll always regret not going."

One of the most satisfying aspects of corporate blog writing is that the content you post remains online, continuing to build your presence as each new batch of content is added. While, according to Compendium Blogware CEO Chris Baggott, 95% of corporate blog readers will be first-time visitors to your blog, the odds of those online first-timers’ finding you increase with each new blog you post.

In essence the way the “matching” process works on the Web, blog content writing means never having to say you’re sorry about the time and effort you put in. I can honestly assure newbie Indianapolis blog writers, “Each time you post and your competition doesn’t, it’s a win!”

Sometimes, in corporate blogging training sessions, I recall the “Cathy” comic strip I used to enjoy so much in the Indianapolis Star. One strip in particular helps me explain why, out of all the different online communication tools we use on behalf of our clients at Say it For You, I am personally so “into” blog content writing.

Cathy and her boyfriend Irving are opening mail – she’s sorting through envelopes, he’s reading email.  “Who sends paper mail any more?” Irving jeers.  “People,” answers Cathy defiantly. When Irving rather tactlessly points out that most of her mail consists of ads and magazine subscription mailings, Cathy’s retort says it all for me: “Yes – people!  My mail is way closer to an actually human than you’ll get any time soon!”

“Way closer?” Not the most perfect syntax, but so “on the money” about blogging for business! Business blogs are where you meet the humans, the people running the business, the professionals providing the service, “way more” than brochures, billboards, or even corporate websites. Blogs are where you have people telling you not only what they have to offer but who they are.

As a professional ghost blogger with “way more” than 6,000 blog posts online (these Say It For You posts plus the corporate blogs we produce for clients), not to mention the thousands more posted by business owners and practitioners to whom I’ve offered business blogging assistance over the years, I can tell you this:

Josh Cox was absolutely right about the worst run.  The worst blog post writing is way better, in fact 100% better, than all the companies that never tried!

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