Karen Zwick, President, 1st Class Solutions

“My company, 1st Class Solutions, has used the services of Say It For You for five years.  As one component of our marketing strategy, we needed to educate potential clients on the services we provide and how we do that work. We thought that blogging would provide an opportunity to share useful information and help establish a reputation as an expert service provider. Our staff did not have the time required to blog on a regular basis.  I was not certain that an outside person could really understand our business and services well enough to write blogs that represented the company well. Through interviews and source materials provided by our team, the blogger assigned to our company started producing excellent blogs right away. She worked with us to determine a variety of relevant topics for our blog posts.  I was extremely pleased by the quality of the blog posts and professionalism of the Say It For You team.”

Web consultant to Midwest manufacturing company

“Before Rhoda and her staff began blogging, the website was receiving 3,666 unique visitors / month. After the blog began, the website started seeing increases to 6,584 unique visitors per month. The increases have been steady with the first month of blogging seeing 4,002 unique visitors to the most recent month being 7,368 unique visitors. Google traffic has tripled over that time. The blog has been a big driving factor in referrals as well, driving in about 1/3 of traffic each month.”

Partner and General Manager, Dry Cleaners Chain


“Rhoda Israelov of Say It For You has been instrumental in dramatically increasing traffic to our website for several years.  From the beginning, she has been helpful in creating a website that has focus and useful content.  She has consistently written blogs that have been entertaining, informative and have brought customers to our website.  I highly recommend her to anyone interested in increasing their web presence.”

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Company Owner

“There are people who write and then there are writers. Rhoda Israelov is a writer!”

Thomas McAllister, Financial Planner

“Rhoda is a dear friend and confidante who, since July of 2008, has assisted me with my weekly blog. She herself is an excellent speaker and writer, but, in this instance provides her knowledge and experience as both an editor and guide to the utilization of the world wide web for blogging purposes. I call her my ‘blogmeistress’! I write my own messages (let us say I “cook my own stew”). Then, in addition to editing and providing subject ideas to me, Rhoda adds condiments, spices, and flavoring to my work. She does an excellent job, and I would recommend her to any businessperson who is considering starting their own blog.”

Dale Collie, Leadership Training Specialist

“Rhoda’s service of writing blogs for you is like finding a gold mine. Being the best at what you do means you don’t have time (or maybe the skills) to keep up with all of the Web 2.0 things that are on the leading edge of marketing and sales (blogs, tweets, FaceBook and so on). Rhoda has decades of experience in professional business writing. She knows what readers want and how to put the words together so you don’t have to. Her tag phrase could be — ‘I write so you don’t have to!'”

Texas Certified Financial Planner

“Say It For You helped me, a numbers guy, put into words what I knew in my heart but couldn’t verbalize. My assigned writer Elaine went beyond mere writing, adding a personal touch that captured my personality and the things that make my services unique.”

President, Indianapolis corporate training company

“We’ve now been a client of Say It For You for a little over one year and we’ve been very happy with the team, the quality of the blog writing, and the search engine results.”

“We specialize in a relatively technical and multi-faceted profession and I was initially concerned that an outside party might not be able to truly grasp and write good content about what we do, the business problems we solve, and other content of interest to our current and prospective clients. I was so pleased by how quickly our Say It For You ghost blogger was able to gain a deep understanding of our profession and what we wanted to communicate. Say It For You is a great company to work with. They are professional, meet or beat all deadlines, and produce high quality work.”

Executive coach

“When I hired Rhoda and Say It For You, I expected high quality writing that was optimized for search engines.  I got that and more!  I found Rhoda very flexible and easy to work with.  I always got to view and approve every blog and most went out without a change.  Blogging is a great way to keep your website fresh and interesting.  Rhoda is an aboluste ball of energy and ideas as well as a great resource for other contacts.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs a blog and doesn’t have the time or temperament to stay at it.”

Lee Wood, Business Development, 1st Class Solutions, Indianapolis

“We jumped into the blog-sphere rather late . . . rather reluctantly. When we finally made the leap, we saw a significant increase in the number of visitors to our website and – obviously – our SEO ranking. We have developed a partnership with the individual who blogs for us and with Say It for You. Their ability to jump in . . . learn our business . . . partner with us . . . deliver for us has had an impact – a positive impact – on the results of our business.”

Adam Hayes, Director of Directing, Excelim – Where businesses grow online

“We are excited to have found and partnered with Rhoda and her team of SEO-conscious blog writers at Say It For You. They are a powerful group that helps us, help our clients excel online – not only keyword rich blogs, but blogs that engage readers and keep them coming back to our clients websites. If you need a conscientious team of evolved blog authors, get in touch with Rhoda and Say It For You.”

David Harding, President/CEO, HardingPoorman Group

“I like the fact that my Say It For You blog writers and social media managers do the research and posting on a regular and timely basis. I understand the potential benefits of blogging and social media, but I’m just too busy to keep it up, and just about everyone else in our company already has plenty to do. If I had to do the writing and posting, I know it just wouldn’t get done.”

Surgeon’s office manager

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a year of blogging! That’s fantastic, and we so appreciate your dedication to an amazing job, well done! Thanks for all you do for us Rhoda!”

Blog reader’s comment

“This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol”

Indianapolis Law Firm

“Rhoda is an integral part of out internet market plan.  She makes it very easy for us to produce useful content in a consistent manner.  With little guidance Rhoda takes our ideas and creates meaningful articles that are well read and generate conversations.  Rhoda always has her eyes open for new and timely topics that mesh with our practice areas.  It continues to be a pleasure to work with her to grow our informational footprint.”

Recruiting Firm Owner

“Rhoda Israelov and her team at Say It For You have been strong partners and advocates for our digital marketing efforts. Prior to meeting with Rhoda we would sporadically send out email newsletters to promote our company as our primary promotional tool. With our Say It For You writers’ help we have developed a robust marketing effort, including a consistent number of blogs each month, SEO, a monthly email campaign including some of the blogs as material and several other avenues to promote our firms brand. Rhoda’s persistence in getting us to understand the value of consistent blogging, subject matter expert articles, and online marketing have really helped us grow our business. Rhoda, Thanks for everything, including your patience, as we were slow to adopt your ideas! We are very pleased that we did.”

Estate Planning Attorney

“The Say It For You team is wonderful at writing blogs on point for out practice areas.  It is wonderful to have regular blogs to supplement our advertising, increase our web traffic, and provide ongoing education to our clients.”

Legal Assistant

“Your work product is outstanding… I did an intake interview with a potential client … Based on my conversation with the woman, I was pretty sure we got the call because of blog articles she read on our website.”


“Every time you write, the phone rings!”

Marketing Consultant

“Rhoda Israelov has provided a series of blogs for an investment services client over the course of the past two years. These blogs focus on market topics relating to the current investment market environment, addressing issues investors and their advisors may have.  This blog series has been exceptionally well-written. Rhoda draws upon her breadth of expertise in this area, presenting information in a friendly, conversational style while incorporating current news and supporting content links within each post. Mindful of SEO, Rhoda establishes keywords for each post based on the client’s desired takeaway message, and repeats them throughout the blogs to optimize the online presence. Rhoda is extremely organized and plans ahead well to ensure her ability to provide content-driven blogs that are relevant to both our client and their customer base.  As a result, our client has been able to drive customers and prospects to these blog posts, offering critical market perspectives and enhancing relationships”