Why outsource your corporate blog?

The potential benefits of blogging are so substantial, we believe almost every company should have its own blog.  But who should write the content?

Company executives and business owners often make great bloggers.  After all, they understand their companies and are passionate about them, two important requisites for great blogging for business.

But, while in theory business owners and execs would be the perfect choice to blog for their companies, there are three main reasons that almost never happens:

No time They’re too busy,  Just about everyone in the company already has a lot to do. Keeping up with writing blog posts is just too overwhelming.

No motivation Not everyone enjoys writing.  Many a business blog has fizzled after a few months – or even a few weeks – because writers simply couldn’t seem to keep blogging at the top of the priority list.

No skills Although business owners and execs tend to be effective communicators in meetings, sometimes there’s just no one in the company who has the writing and  computer skills to create an ongoing, effective blog.


Whatever your situation, Say It For You offers a variety of ways to help your company or organization create and maintain a blog.  We offer any combination of:

  • writing blog posts from scratch
  • writing posts based on your ideas, summaries, and interviews
  • editing posts you write yourself
  • training you and your employees to become effective bloggers


Although at Say It For You we’re focused on content creation, we can also serve as your connection to other resources needed to create the framework for your blog and stir up “buzz” around your blog posts.  We help link you to providers of web design, print design, graphic design and illustration, video, printing, SEO consulting, and social media management


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“Our company has been selling products on the Internet since 2006, with mixed results. About six months ago, I met Rhoda Israelov, a professional ghost blogger. After a series of discussions, Rhoda linked us with a search engine marketing consultant. Together, we have launched a serious website optimization project. A key element of this project is Rhoda’s ghost blogging organization supporting our blogging effort. The significant contribution made by Rhoda and Say It For You is the strong desire to make us successful through educating our staff on blogging techniques and explaining what we need to do to be successful. As part of the project team, Rhoda’s Say It For You team not only contributes regular blog posts, but is a great contributor to the overall effort, providing a very professional approach in assisting us in reaching our objectives.”

Air comfort products company owner

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