A Tasting of “Take” in Business Blog Content Writing

“Here it is,” declares Karen Berner of Delish: the crème de la crème of food bloggers, proceeding to offer a sentence or two about no fewer than 100 food-related blogs.

Since I love to cook, I of course enjoyed meandering through the food blog list, with side trips into quite a number of Berner’s selected sites. And since I train people in corporate blog writing, the visual “tasting” exercise had the additional benefit of reinforcing my thoughts on “take” in blog content writing.

“Take”, to me, is what gives any business blog post its power.  All well and good to gather and collate and curate information from other writers – that certainly provides value to your blog readers. After all, you’re taking the time to research the field and see what ideas and concepts are trending in your industry, presenting those ideas and findings in a neat little package that readers can digest without having to do all the scut work themselves. But to me, the real value gets added when content writers add “spin” to the curated material, basing the comments on the  business owner’s or practitioner’s own business wisdom and expertise.

Without a doubt, Delish has done something that’s important for all business owners and professionals to do – find out what is being said by other bloggers and other spokespeople about your business topic. Share that valuable information with your own readers.

The success of your blog marketing efforts will be very closely aligned with your being perceived as an expert in your field and by your positioning yourself as a go-to source of information.  There’s one more thing, though: presenting a definite perspective on your industry.

How many different perspectives can there be on food?  Lots, as the Delish list proves.  There are blogs on vegetarian cooking, food that is beautiful, cooking that combines the bitter with the sweet, blogs that offer advice on cooking equipment, one blog with a personal story tied to each recipe, a blog about the joys and sorrows of running a family food business, a blog that uses whimsical line drawings to illustrate recipes, one about cooking as a stress reliever, one with table-setting ideas, and one about travel.

At Say It For You, we all gather and collate, curate and quote, but no business blogging recipe, we teach, can be complete without adding the unique seasoning of your “take”! on the matter!


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